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Tired of how most games are these days.

This is a discussion on Tired of how most games are these days. within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; It seems that new games don't focus on the story more than the gameplay. It's like watching a movie or ...
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    It seems that new games don't focus on the story more than the gameplay. It's like watching a movie or reading a book. If we wanted to do that, we wouldn't be playing any games. Mortal Kombat, for example, has become a bigger disappointment with each new release. What happened to the hundreds of fatalities? Their newest one has maybe 30 tops.

    If you ask anyone the question "Which game did you find more enjoyable, Metal Gear Solid 1 or Metal Gear Solid 4?" what do you think the answer is going to be? MGS1 was a pretty difficult game where you barely got any ammo; compared to MGS4, a first person shooter that awards achievements for beating it in under 5 hours.

    MMOs? Every one of them except for the first major one to coin the name has been a disappointment for me. (Everquest)

    The newest Super Mario games no longer have the aesthetic which made them so popular. They somehow made vertical travel a part of the game.

    I can go on and on about how games like Call of Duty and Battlefield have gotten worse and worse with each new release, but i'd rather read some of your opinions.

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    I somewhat agree with you there, except for the Call of Duty. I think that CoD4 is one of the best FPS I've ever played, but what I'm talking about here is not the single-player part. I mean, I think the multi-player part is really nice made. Of course there should be some good storyline, but I think gameplay is just as important.
    I think a really nice game is a game where where the importance between those two are equal. I don't care as much for the graphics though. As you said yourself, just look at MGS1. MGS1 got the balance between storyline and gameplay I'm talking about, without the best graphics Even nowadays, I could still take out my old Playstation 1, put in MGS1 and game it, while I enjoy it, even though I've already beaten it several times :lol:

    But that's just my opinion though

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    I always enjoy tekkens storys n game play :P

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    I always enjoy tekkens storys n game play :P[/b]

    I really liked kingdomhearts...
    It's true,too many games have now a half-way good gameplay,but no story.. (90% of xbox games...)

    I'm waiting for FFXIII

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    Havent been touching alot on non mmos for years, cept overlord few months ago witch was a blast. Every single western mmo (and pretty much every eastern with few exeptions) in past few years has been a retarded piece of hyped crap. Nothing and i mean nothing has come even close to them epic old highlights like EQ/EQ2, Lineage/Lineage2 and wether i like it or not even wow.

    Games like DnL, AoC either show that ppl are willing to play anything and are almost forced to tell its awsome or just have a sick understanding how a real mmo should look like.

    Im just praying that blueholes, NHNs and NCsofts upcomings in few years make a little dif.

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    Not really sure at what you're getting at, are you complaining that games don't have enough of a story, therefore have shorter gameplay? I don't really see a correlation between the two.

    I'm kinda split on your idea of most of today's games not having a story/background. While I do agree with you that war games (FPS in general) are neglecting a storyline, it's hard to come up with new story lines with something thats based on events that already happened, and about a subject that has been played out sooo many times. Honestly, how many games based on the wars have been released to date? I think with shooters, alot of the gtameplay is being done in multiplayer anyways, so no real story is needed, not that most users would care anyway. All they need is teams, guns, and lots of ammo. While I do occasionally like having an entertaining storyline to keep me in the game, sometimes I just want to shoot shit up.

    That being said, I think a fair amount of the more popular games of today do have a story that is above average, entertainment wise. Look at the Grand Theft Autos, the Zeldas, the Halo's, Bioshock, God of War, the entire Star Wars series (especially the Knights of the Old Repub games, those had great story lines with twists, and they were completely different stories compared to the movies). If you were to take away the gameplay from the games and focus entirely on the stories themselves, each and everyone of those games would make a entertaining movie/book/etc..


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