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Titan sevrer!?

This is a discussion on Titan sevrer!? within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; I know there is a thread alrdy but im not reading it. just abunch of ppla hating and what not ...
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    Default Titan sevrer!?

    I know there is a thread alrdy but im not reading it.
    just abunch of ppla hating and what not and alot of talk about this and that..

    i just wanna kno whos gonna go for the first month or 2 PK?

    i amd going with 2 other friedns from cwest.. not full time just to have fun in the undergeared PK for awhile.
    might get a few others to come but havent talked alot about it..

    if you'd like to join us.
    Hit me up..
    DCZ will be Main..
    Im going DCZ Mage // DCZ Sin // CZ Mage (gotta love the lvl Jump, ICE Mage)

    We going orc side (because humans always out numbers us them in the begining)
    ill be mage, gonna have a rogue and warrior with me. and a possible priest and 2nd sin and 2nd warrior. dnt have their final answers yet..

    We'll need a priest... your choice of class.. just a priest. heal buff DB. idc..
    We got vent, Hit me up for info's.
    Try to get xp Prem..

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    I have almost a full clan of english speakers going but if your only going to play for 2 months that would be a waste. You should put more time in and join us. I run great lasting organized clans. So check out clan section

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    If you care, you can read (or try messaging the users making somewhat insightful post). Otherwise, this is not a case by case forum where each member makes a topic that justifies his/her needs.

    Thread closed.

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