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Tonight's war...

This is a discussion on Tonight's war... within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Originally posted by SilverBlade And, whisper dear, I do know how to kill u when u bug abuse the building, ...
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    Originally posted by SilverBlade
    And, whisper dear, I do know how to kill u when u bug abuse the building, remember? Even when u bring a priest to torment me lol. I just dont like it. *

    how can i remember a noob was trying to ks and killed me or i killed a noob on novas?
    just few more % i'll give u a metro skill .. for free (hmmm... only charge u 50 nps :wub: ), maybe after this spring break, whisper char will be 70 :wub:

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    I am sure u killed many noobs with your novas from your bug abusing position, but that was not me dear. I was the BIIIIIIGGGGGGG noob that killed you and made you relog on D2 and back on D1 to get into your " I am not abusing a bug, I am only switching servers" position. And I will do so again and again, because it is so so funny.

    By the way, I dont see how a lvl will help u abuse a bug better. But please go get it, or have whisper get it for u, you apperently need more lvls to be able to kill lol.


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    Originally posted by Malavon+--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Malavon)</div>
    Originally posted by Gate7+--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Gate7)

    Yeah I must agree good job orcs - wasnt expected of you :-P

    I was round the back of the main building behind the crystal making sure that Hoplite and whisper_secret die and some1 else who's name escapes me right now, inside the building (really is that a bug abuse or what?) and run into a hell of a mess of NPCs, orcs and afk humans. Was fun staying there till the end trying to kill another priest before set upon by half the paper mage population. I though i was the last to die but watching the map I realised that some escaped round the back and where hunted down.

    well once again good job - cya next time.

    :wub: i was playing on whisper_secret char, wat i do is just go D2 luf - back side, and relog D1 and novas hh was staying there. well, half of time i get killl becuz when i run into crytal i getting lag 5-7 sec. Is that bug abuse? i dont think so. If i left my char close the biulding wall and relog, my char will up to the top of building. Only can stop im killing hh at crytal is .... disabled the SELECT CHAR (switch server :wacko: )
    I have fun when play that way :wub:
    Hm somehow this is not what it looks like from my point of view ....

    Hoplite and you are inside the building for ages - cannot be hit either (if you were at the top of the building aoe would certainly hit you - so it seems to me that you relog against the wall and end up inside the building. Then one of you tps you out and nova. Agreed when this happens you have a lag and you are easy target but while inside the building no1 can touch you. You do not just login and run out - I have personally timed you in there for ages - so em explain pls ? I accept that what I see from my client might not be what you do but the story somehow doesn't add up - especially since I can aim the novas through the walls and then kill all of you - remember you had to bring a healer at the end to keep you alive or was it hoplite? He was tormenting us from inside the building walls clearly and was killed too by throwing novas through the wall.

    So em sorry aint buying the story :-) You certainly both seem to use the through the wall bug and also both sometimes run out to nova - my guess when all nearby the wall humans are dead so no more easy np unless you target the crystal.

    Either way it doesnt matter to me - free np for me :-)[/b]
    you see them inside , they are on roof , other guy sees them on roof , and third and fourth guy see them under the whole map (basement ? ).

    and if you call this shit bug , so why the fuk when we rush inside lufer , move back to walls , climb on them me and other mages hide behind warriors (battle formation ftw lol) , and what phappenes ? human standing down near wall just attack us cuz they see us in wall not on top of them.. this would be bug abuse aswell , yet , evberyone does it... so just fuck off , im gonna do same shit as Whisper does every night war i got bored of rushing to luferson.[/b][/quote]

    Did I say I care whether it is bug or not ? Did I say humans don't use bugs ? Was I talking to you ? What gives you the right to swear at me ? The fact you are hiding behind the keyboard ?

    Seems to me that you behave in RL just like you behave in the abyss ... oh nvm - Pls go and do it see how much I care.

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