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Top 10 Human And Orc Clans on Ares

This is a discussion on Top 10 Human And Orc Clans on Ares within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; omfg, you put patriot on number 1? based on what... skills????? Lemme edit this a bit for you: Human 1. ...
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    omfg, you put patriot on number 1?
    based on what... skills?????

    Lemme edit this a bit for you:


    1. Illuminati
    2. Ready2die (Kloud Wub)
    3. Infinity
    4. Symbiosis
    5. Les_dragons_purple
    6. Imperator
    What ranking is this when illu is on first place - picking up 4 4 stones ore luring ranking (no offence ot other clans)??
    In my opinion clan ranking goes like this (not in any order couse its dificult to choose what variables will we take)
    1. Ready2die
    2. Symbiosis
    3. Infinity
    4. Les_dragons_purple
    5. Inferno

    I wont put DeusManus ore Illuminati here couse i cant be objective about this clans. Why i dont put DM here - im modest - not like Priestess .Why i dont put illu couse i think they dont deserve to be on that list.

    As for orc clans i can only say something about those that are in CZ so i cant be objective.

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    Originally posted by Holy
    Skill wise its hard lol and will prolly start alot of flames. So I'll just do it np wise.


    1. Patriot
    2. Symbiosis
    3. BandOfTheHawks
    4. Epsi's clan (Forgot name)


    1. Sweet
    2. LastAlliance
    3. ORC
    4. TryToStopUs
    5. PerfectChoice
    6. Refugee
    7. BadCompany

    Not in order just named them as they came to my mind. Prolly forgot quite a few but I don't keep myself updated.
    i think its a toss up between symbiosis on 2 and 3 ;p

    but skillwise PaTRioT doesnt even make it in the top 100

    o and i believe our ally... Ready2Die is ahead of Epsi's clan now since they have lots of oldies ^^

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    -"try2spotus" or "ORC"

    rofl and bandofthehawks = noob clan only good player in there is moirainedamodred others sux and unknown players. and the clan Thelegioners got best mages at humanside with the most nps. also inferno a clan filled with ppl with high nps. Perfectchoice has been top1 clan in Ares for 5 months or something

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    1. OutKasteD
    2. blablabla
    3. blablabla
    4. blablabla
    5. blablabla
    6. blablabla
    7. blablabla
    8. blablabla
    9. blablabla
    10. blablabla

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    ah Seth, why be modest ?

    I like my clan a lot, despite 2 minor points (and i don't go around 4 stoning people, unless they are leeching a crystal in the war). If it wasn't for Illuminati, i doubt i'd still be here.

    Keeping the clan together for all this time is allready an accomplishment.
    We have a lot of skilled players, manage to keep the castle, are top 10 np holders, oldest clan on ares(?) and well, most important of all, they have me :P.

    When we go out pk (wich we should do more, imho), we take on anything and a lot of times, come out on top. i love a long good fight against another strong party .

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    Originally posted by PriesTesS
    [..] oldest clan on ares(?) and well, most important of all, they have me :P.
    to be honest, DeusManus is older then Illuminati :wub:

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    Priestess tell it to Agrest who was 4stoned bye u and it wasnt on invasion for sure. So stop this bulshit please.

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    thx for the high ranks guys, we do our best to hold up our good reputation.

    the greatest elmo clans from my point of view are

    Flying arrows his clan

    and with most of these i got good connection dispite a fight now and then ^^

    i refuse to add ksing, non-english, duping,bitching clans (ha patriot, turkmasters, ect...) who think they own this game but rly dont...

    special respect goes to our allies Kiss_of_death which are rly cool people and the best allies we could have.


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    2 other people have acces to my account.

    it's not like DeusManus wouldn't dare 4 stone any of my clannies.

    perhaps it was after u lured servants on us?
    oh and u can ask nealia if i keep my word, or not.

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    U know how it was so dont blaim us for this whole situation on isiloon. The situatuation i described (with Agrest) was in eslant so i gues we cant talk about isloon problem. If u give your ID and pass to irreasonable and rude ppl dont blame other to tell u into face u picking for 4. I just see Priestess from Illuminati (cant tell whos behind the stage). As for us 4 sotning u we got only 2 debuffers: Nealia and Kailean (with i play from time to time) and gues what none of them 4 stone any1 couse its not funny girl. We both know illuminati was picking 4 4 when we died from isiloon but im not talking about this - wanna to leave past behind - im talking about some1 on your acount picking Agrest and other mage from my clan (cant remember with one) for 4. Just tell me 1 thing how is it, that almost all illuminati players are normal nice ppl if they are not in a group. I have spoken to Mordeth today (just few sentences) and he was very polite and helpfull. Cant u always act like that?? Its not so dificult to be friendly, maby it will make better resolts then u think.
    As for Kranitnova - your clan deserved all this opinions just dont change

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    priestess, you are really funny and also pathetic like hell.
    YOU(illuminati faggots) are the fucking servant lurers, YOU lured them every single time on us. everytime we, along with our allys, were/are going to kill isiloon, and u know we are to kill her, you come and lure mass ammounts of servants on us. you are nothing more then a bounch of fucktarded retards with a gay little idiot as a leader.
    You complain about rezzing for 4 stones?guess what! Its your day! Go rezz some1 for 4 stones as you and your "pro" clan does it every time, they only can! and whenever ill see somebody with illuminati clan name above his nick ill rezz that idiot for 4 stones, wheter you like it or not. you made it to us, we(for sure i) will do the same thing to u. we will see wheter you like your own "weapon".

    1st thing is, that we never lured servants on you, while you lure it every single time on us, krakagay and futidiot comes along with u or grid(wow, this one is a real retard, next time come and lure 2 full spots of evil wizards on us, maybe then some1 will die and u will achieve your "pointless plan of xping every1", how pathetic...) and just starts luring on us when we are nearly going to finish her. many of us got killed many times, and if u want you can be proud of it, go on. its the only thing you can be proud of, oh and also acting like little kids, who appearantly are afraid of every1, so that they must attack every single person. wow that is really retarded.
    2nd thing your "pro" clan is hell way younger than DeusManus and Inferno, these both clans are the oldest ones from ares. guess your myghty baba leader, aka pro y lure on you couse ym a lyttle byatch, forgot to say it to you on one of his, how "educating", preaches. too bad he remembered to say "go and fuck every1s gameplay, how much as its only possible".

    seth isnt a noob like you(or lotusflower*, who consideres himself as the best priest ever h43r: ) and he wont put his own clan on this list.
    as for illu, hmm its not the topic about the most fucked up clans, so there is no room for ya.

    *- too bad i had to say it, couse i talked with some people from symbiosis(kranitnova, magiciansglory, kalais, once also with hammer etc..) and they are really cool guyes, too bad "few" people can destroy everything, ehh.... life is brutal...

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    Kailean stop please. Dont act like LemonFrezzer . This whole hatred is really pointless and not nesessery. I just hold a grunde to some illuminati players. Some ppl just dont remember its just a game nothing else. This whole isiloon thing luring each other and acting like dumbs just increased the whole hatred. U can see it in kaileans post ore in Grids behavior (he really lured evil wizard on my clanies - why?? Can any1 tell me??) Dont u all think its time to just forget about the past, shake hands and act like normal ppl.

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    I think that DeviantPacifist>ORC SWEET and TRY2STOP
    Deviant has some really decent players

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    Originally posted by demonpriest-
    and the clan Thelegioners got best mages at humanside with the most nps.
    Best Mages? You mean the ones who collected their nps by abusing tower or just know nova town? <_<

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    Lemonfreezer asked me to post this so:
    Lemon says:
    1. We lured Isiloon away to begin with and didnt touch a servant. it was you that then lured the servants. After a few times we decided it would be fair to retaliate with the same actions.

    2. We 4 stone you because we are fed up of the shit you cause at isiloon. you bring down 2 clans worth of people and then lure servants till you get bored. If we 4 stone you we have found that you get bored a lot faster.

    3. it was me on priestess when I 4 stoned agrest. I did it because seth has a mouth on him and I kinda don't care about any of you little shits anymore.

    I now asked him to not 4 stone people, coz u are right, i'm responsible for my character. The other person who has acces, doenst' go around rezzing people anyway.

    Oh and, illu beeing a good clan coz i'm in it... was a joke. No sence of humour, i guess.

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