It is time to get rid of some accounts that I don't play anymore.

Cabal Online:
Level 121 Force Blader.
Full teragrace armor set.
Sword Transcender skills.
Magic G. Master Skills.
Mecury Server.
Account has a few other chars to like a 5x blader.

Level 79 RM.
Not to many items spread on different chars.
Aibatt server.
Account has more chars but under level 6x.

Conquer Online
Lvl 123 archer Non Reborn.
All items elite/super 1 soc except the boots.
2 Soc SDG SDG Bow.
All soc's full of SDG's.

I accept paypal but I prefer items on the Diez Server. Send me a personal message with your offer if you are interested. I will contact you soon then.

Thanks for reading,