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Unbiased rating for rogue/sin accessories

This is a discussion on Unbiased rating for rogue/sin accessories within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; I've been trying to compare the value of certain uniques for rogues in a unbiased way, and I've come up ...
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    Default Unbiased rating for rogue/sin accessories

    I've been trying to compare the value of certain uniques for rogues in a unbiased way, and I've come up with a formula to do this. Since the results are not always what was expected, I decided to post the formula and a few examples, and see if anyone can suggest some improvements.

    The formula is based on the stats valuable to a rogue, Health Bonus (HB ), Dexterity Bonus (DEX), Defense (DEF) and HP Bonus (HP). I thought it over, and decided that as rogues are deficient in both defense and health, but that rogues are meant to hit and run away, that I would consider DEF as being 1/2 the value of HB, but that HP would be divided by six to approximately equate it to the HB. Moreover, any unique that has more than one useful bonus should be rewarded with a higher score, as all three bonuses (HP/6 is HB for this purpose) are important to rogues and thus a unique with two or three of these is better than an item with only one or two. I do not take into account bonuses that are useful but not critical, such as Strength bonus - nice for more pots, but nobody seeks it out for PVP purposes.

    I decided not to score resistances for several reasons, partly because a rogue with lvl 62 master has huge (short lived) resistance, and partly because I'd seldom or never use an item solely for resistance.

    The formula goes like this:

    ((HB + DEX +.5*DEF +(HP/6)) * Bonus Multiplier) = Unbiased value of the item

    Bonus Multiplier is 1 for any item having one bonus.
    Bonus Multiplier is 1.1 for any item having two bonuses.
    Bonus Multiplier is 1.2 for any item having all three bonuses - HP and HB are considered to be the same bonus after adjustment

    This formula is fairly personal, an archer will probably consider DEX to be more important than DEF or HB, since archers intend to avoid closing with the enemy in PVP. Thus, an archer might have 2*DEX in his own formula. A paper rogue might put more DEF as the most important thing, and use 2 or even 3 times DEF as the rating in his formula. So the numbers I give here are MY numbers, your numbers may vary quite a bit.

    IOW, the whole point here is to simply provide a means for the INDIVIDUAL to rate uniques in an unbiased way, and decide what they are willing to pay for each one or which are worth endless time farming bosses to find.

    Given that disclaimer, here is how some of the useful uniques for rogues stack up for my own rating.

    Quest ring 23.8
    Quest pendant 28.6
    Quest earring 13.2
    ROL 56.8
    ROC 33.4
    Kekuri 8.0
    Kekuri +1 12.1
    ROM 29.7
    Ruby Ring 26.6
    Agate Ring 13.8
    Agate Earring 16.5
    Bronze Earring 14.3
    Rogue Earring 20.0
    Warrior Earring 22.9
    Priest Pendant 22.0
    Warrior Pendant 44.0
    Amulet of Dex 25.7
    Black Dragon 29.3
    Elemental Pend 49.5
    Elemental Neck 16.7

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    Or simply

    Iron Necklace
    Skelly belt

    For rouges

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    i and probably half of the ko community are totally confused by this topic. and as for your rating uniques chart wouldnt it be unvalid after choosing the first unique because if you rate an amulet of dex high then your probably going to rate everything else with dex high making your rogue have barly any HP/AC. is there something im not getting here? zero would be good for this topic where is he? lol

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    Well, my purpose was to try to see how valuable some things were without going off the deep end. Sure, ROL and so forth would obviously be the best, that's not at all the point of this post.

    Most of us can't GET the best. Entirely apart from price, there are at least 1500 ppl over lvl 60 actively playing on DIEZ, there simply aren't enough skelly belts and ROL to go around.

    And figuring out what actually is a good unique is not that easy, because we get emotional about it. So and so says this or that is a good thing to have, you have to have this and it is easy to get, PVP with all dex +9, and so forth. I've heard a TON of advice on uniques, and some was good and some was terrible.

    That's the whole point of this post, to try to come up with a scorecard for uniques, that takes the emotion out of the decisions and gives me some idea of what I'd actually be willing to pay for a given item.

    I was surprised that a Kek ring +1 scored as low as it did. I was shocked that the quest rings scored as well as they did. I thought this was information the general KO community might want to discuss.

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    your just confusing me more heres my basic table

    rol > foverin > quest ring

    IN > WP > PP

    EME > RE > quest earring

    skelly belt > IB > GB > elf belt

    shell+8 > chitin+8 > chitin +7 (just incase anyone didnt know)


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