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Warrior Guide... (help)

This is a discussion on Warrior Guide... (help) within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; I have a friend who is a Warrior, he just started and is up to level 31 and doesn't really ...
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    Default Warrior Guide... (help)

    I have a friend who is a Warrior, he just started and is up to level 31 and doesn't really know which way to take his skills, he was pumping all 3 for awhile (mainly in attack), but I know with most classes you always want to go with just 2... I was wondering if anyone can copy/paste the warrior guide from vgaming so I have something to read over, the one by F9 isn’t very helpful at all for new players or anyone who isn’t a warrior already… It would be even better if someone who is an actual Warrior could help me out on what they did at lower level and what’s the best route after attack, passion or defense. I already had to pay for him to restat because he kept pumping all his skills and his STR was very low... He was like a paper Warrior heh

    I can’t go to vgaming from work (bleh) but I remember it looked helpful the last time I saw it….


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    doesnt really matter were he puts them just as long as he ends with 90 into hp and rest into str then 94 if he wats into hp when he hits 60

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    5 on passion (for gain), all on atk, rest on def...thats what im doing

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    Is gain the swap 200 MP for 100 HP or whatever that is? Can someone c/p that guide though?

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    gain is 15str the one u mean is after gain, i forgot the name

    and paper warrior is just fine until lvl 40 ish (goblin plate ftw) but when youre 50 thats when u start thinking of chitins.

    as for skills
    gain isnt tha important. aim for 45 in attack and 40 in def, then do what u want with the skillpoints.

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    Thanks to all, to summarize:

    Pump STR until you want to start thinking about HP for Chitin (around level 50)
    The only skill worth going passion for is Gain and it's only 5 skill points anyway/it's not that important

    Pretty simple I guess, I'll have to give him money to reskill now though; luckily he is low and its hella cheap.


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