Hey guys, right now im on Kobugda to figure out what will give me the most dex if i do a combination build of armors (Like krowaz helmet+7 and gauntlet+7 gives you 12 dex per piece and then +10 dex with the combination of them both.)
So far what I have seen will give me the most AP is Krowaz+7 Helmet/Gauntlets, Mythril Paldroun/Pads+7 and then a pair of Full plate boots+9 with 19 dex. Can anyone confirm if I got that right? since I have never done this combination-armor build thingy.

Im playing on Altar atm, and as soon Krowaz will be opened then there will be the option to do this combination build. I have heard so much about, i have also played in servers with it but never have had one myself.

Best armors right now on the new servers, Altar, Vega & Sirius are the Mythrils+7 since im not that much of a babashopper I wont be getting +8 armors.

What I will do though is when Krowaz comes out be ready with all the items I need to make that combination set. I wont be able to afford a full Krowaz Set+7 since the price will be so damn high in the start and I just wanna be a little of an ap whore style Assassin.

So what would be best to get for armors? Right now im thinking for the most AP possible:
Krowaz Helmet+7/12dex + (10 dex when Helmet & Gloves are combined)
Mythril Paldroun+7/12dex + (7 dex when Paldroun & Pads are combined)
Mythril Pads+7/12dex + (7 dex when Paldroun & Pads are combined)
Krowaz Gauntlets+7/12dex + (10 dex when Helmet & Gloves are combined)
Rogue Full Plate Boots+9/19dex = Just for 19 dex since I do not get any extra dex by putting any other things there than those. (Just from 7 to 11 dex which is not worth it imo if I decide to use Mythril Boots+7/12 dex instead of FP Boots+9/19 dex.)

Any help is greatly appreciated. Have a nice day