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Whats with ppl and talias in 1 vs 1?....

This is a discussion on Whats with ppl and talias in 1 vs 1?.... within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Why do people bitch about useless crap...
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    Why do people bitch about useless crap

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    a legit vs is EVERYTHING goes
    who gives a fuck about the items, the different skills, ect
    use what u have
    its all part of the game
    if u dont like it go cry to k2 when u die in a vs cus u didnt wear talia, thats ur fault, u lost the vs
    end of story in my opinion, but everyone has there own opinion so flame each other away!!!

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    the funniest part is when u destroy some1 DD talia with a couple acid pots cause they r hard to find and to make

    got many angry pm's cause of that LoL

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    Anything in the game is legit to use in a 1v1 unless otherwise agreed on.

    If you say talia is unfair, then it's ROL's are unfair then it's any unique over +0 is unfair then +8 shell is unfair - the list just runs on endlessly, and ppl have griped about everything imaginable as being "unfair" in a 1v1.

    Either you use what you have to win, or you are just mucking about.

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