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wich MMORPG do you think has the best PK system?

This is a discussion on wich MMORPG do you think has the best PK system? within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; I wuold say eve-online. Well thats just my point of view...
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    I wuold say eve-online. Well thats just my point of view

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    I've played maybe a dozen MMORPG's with PvP systems, my favourites so far are KO, because it is fast paced, it does take a lot of skill not just to combo, but to combo GOOD, and to know the situation who to attack, you have to work as a team or at least i prefer working with a team as a team, and because I had alot of fun and made a variety of friends while doing it, Runescape (no matter what anyone says) also had a very nice pvp system though alot of times it seemed like it was much less skill based and more on luck and stats I enjoyed taking other players gear after I killed them, the new runescape PvP system however, blows without the wilderness there is no Runescape tbh, the last PvP system in a game that I liked was the EuDemons Online PvP, when i first started playing it could be fast paced or slow paced, sometimes it was skill sometimes it was luck there were tons and tons of factors, alot of time when you attacked someone they would just use a teleport scroll, or when you went to go hit someone back they would use the locatiion teleport to quickly move to a location just near there and attack you 2 or 3 times in a row, then they introduced a new PvP systme that was based solely on stats equipment pets and level, this was only fun to me because I had a beefed up level 79 who completly stomped nearly everyone up to level 100+ and it was insanely fun going around smacking up way higher levels then me, people quickyl however began to transfer there high potency gear and pets to there lower level accounts and rigged all the tourneys, so I lost interest... I am looking forward to Aion's release because from the previews and rumors and news and everything I've heard, it sounds like they are gonna have some intense PvP =D.

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