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Yay for 1nt3gr1ty

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    So we had a AOE party(I was on a priest) and it had lord Mozart and a couple other people in it including leader of Integrity Sou1Slayer, yea, the newb that has to leech his lvls. i dont have an issue with leechers of friendly clans but when clan members come leechers got to go. So party was full and clan member was coming so I told him I needed his spot. Hes threatens me saying hes going to take the party and ks. So I kicked him and then he got his friend lord mozard out of the party and KSed. Maybe you should check the definition of your clan name, here ill tell you you stupid fuck Integrity: adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character. So because you weren’t allowed TO LEECH in a AOE party you go and KS. Your cool. Great way to represent your clan you pos. Julio because I know u will reply you better check your fucking clan leader because this is stupid shit. All the xp available and he makes a huge issue out of him not being able to leech. Ill stop there as I did defend your clan before, you guys have great respect for people that help defend you.

    Just thot everyone should know whats happening.

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    No offense, but if we had a post about this every time this happened, we'd have 2 pages every minute.


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