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This is a discussion on In Your Opinion within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; the only thing ko needs to do is open bifrost and fix quest bug. all other bugs can be fixed ...
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    the only thing ko needs to do is open bifrost and fix quest bug. all other bugs can be fixed over time , but these 2 are the biggest
    and i dont like the new patch that much...

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    i do agree with this (most of it) , but i didnt know you got exp for killing in RLB :huh: PK and EXP at the same time (awesome?)
    the only thing i dissagree on is clan grades there are to many...[/b]
    it's 10k exp per kill in RLB

    1. RLB
    2. New exp spots
    3. no more gay Kemirosas
    4. new items
    5. new war map

    1. BUGSSSS
    2. no more wars at ships
    3. biffrost
    4. moradon (old one ftw)
    5. exp for mages sux

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    1. Minor cool down (Yea i said it, now a rogue with quest uniques cant beat a warrior who has dual rocs, and an iron set)
    2. Archer Combo, awesome to see some skilled archers these days... aka. royarcher
    3. New weapons / armor, gives those who've given up on exp something else to do
    4. The removal of Kimerosa, no more getting exp'd after an atross aoe's them
    5. Dulian, Jersey, (the other one, name escapes me) I like how it actually takes a party to farm what are to be considered the best rings in the game.

    1. Krowaz, over hyped, easy to kill, drops nothing different from the rest of the mobs in krowaz land.
    2. The promise of the return of bi-frost, k2 you cut me deeply...
    3. Inadequate anti-cheat system[/b]
    AHAHAHHA I still remember that day...
    Minor cool down is gay, no 75+ warrior who can combo with those items should lose to a 75+ rogue with irons and rols.

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