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This is a discussion on about warrior weapons within the Tech Support forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; whats better glave +8 or hanguk +7 and totamic spear +7 ? and hanguk is uniqe with 91 attack power ...
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    Default about warrior weapons

    whats better glave +8 or hanguk +7 and totamic spear +7
    and hanguk is uniqe with 91 attack power and deep scar +7 with 98 attack power, and still the anguk better, why?

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    hanguk has more elemental + str bonus -_-

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    test and see

    anyways if this helps you i dunno

    i couldnt decide what weapon i wanted to use on my DLW char, philum+7 and hanguk+6 or glave+7reduced. I had 8xx attack with dualwield and close to 1k attack with the reduced glave. The skill i used to test the dmg was hoodwink. The result was dualwield did more dmg than glave+7

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    fast attack speed of totamic spear will help u to practice combo and easy to kill boss if u have low level but 2 handed spears like glave/raptor best for pk...

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    myself i find raptor much more easy to use and combo with but, daul wielding has the same range as the raptor and its faster.
    if u do choose daul than its 3.5ap more with the DS+7 vs 11str with the HS+7 means its all up to youre spear+

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    personally i like dual wield the best, i like the dmg it has, kinda cheaper faster but in the end depends on the person using it... if u feel more confortable with a 2h u ll pk better with it

    and for the hanguk, id say +7 is almost on par (tho i like hanguk and some ppl prefer ds +8) with deep scar +8/80


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