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    Default Account banned

    Hello, I've had my account [email protected] I looked at the Hall of Shame, and it seems I've been wrongfully banned because I have a last name associated with a scammer. My name is Josh Watkins, not the alleged Aaron Watkins. I Invested $500 into ValiantKO, which is now destroyed. I know MrRapist was just trying to protect the community. But he ruined a $500 server I've put a lot of work into. I wish that unbanning me would fix the issue you caused for me. An apology would suffice. It's very difficult to rebuild a name. Are there no people on this community with the same last names? What if you banned all the people with the last name Smith, or banned all the people named Josh? You can't float around looking for same last names. And I'm pretty fuckin sure, I wouldnt include my own damn name in my ID if i was walking around scamming people. So if possible, Lets get this fixed, and let me move on with my private server.

    I have no doubt I was banned without proof. But who needs it when you can ban everyone with the same last name. This should also bring to question, banning policys.

    So, Please do some investigating, I've contacted serveral Admins/Moderators about this just recently, no replys.

    No disrespect to the staff.
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    You are assuming that he banned you just because of the same surname but I highly doubt that's true because there are too many things that are shady. And FYI you do not make a new user account, you use the contact form to contact an admin. Also it's funny how you talk in first person here and in the other topic in 3rd person so I am also pretty sure you are multiaccounting trying to pretend as if you were someone else to vouch for you lol.

    Also quote from a different topic
    "I just looked into this and as far as I can tell the email is [email protected] and so was the scammers. ip ranges match. surnames match. funny enough the guy vatalion92 pmed me in first person saying he got banned ( watkins nick on beramus was vatalion ) and now he's talking in 3rd person here. wtf are you guys up to? Locked and links removed. It was never 100% proven that the scammers first name was Aaron as he used to share with his brother/cousin (cant remember exactly). He will remain banned.

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    ^this + you pmed me aswell in 1st person and in the private server topic you said this:

    Quote Originally Posted by vatalion92 View Post
    Yeah a misunderstanding. He was banned because he has the same last name as a scammer. Moderator automatically assume he was related to the scammer and banned him. So nothing is wrong with him at all.
    Quote Originally Posted by vatalion92 View Post
    Scammers name is Aaron Watkins. Owners name is josh Watkins. Just a coincidence misunderstood by a staff member.
    Yeahhhh right.

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    touching :S bad

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