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Application Error?

This is a discussion on Application Error? within the Tech Support forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; everytime i try to log i get application error ever since the new hack shield patch. i was able to ...
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    Default Application Error?

    everytime i try to log i get application error ever since the new hack shield patch. i was able to log few times but all of a sudden now i get apllication error. Ive re-installed twice and restarted my pc still doesnt work. Help out please

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    I had the same problem but when i set KO compatibility as Win XP SP 3 everything works fine. Try it

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    I posted this on another thread but seems like the same issue so I'll just copy + paste my solution here

    This is the fix that worked for me. Although it is not a permanent fix because MGame has to fix this issue on their end. It cannot be due to your computer because you are not the only who is having this issue and a sudden surge in the exact same issue for hundreds of people is a fault that MGame has to accept for terrible coding.

    My suggestion to fix this error.
    Go to "Start" > Click "Run" > Open up System Configuration by typing "msconfig" and press Enter.

    Click the "Startup" tab and uncheck all unnecessary programs. This would mean uncheck MSN, iTunes, Dropbox, uTorrent and whatever else starts up when you boot up your PC.

    Then Press "Apply" and press "OK". Then it will ask you to reboot your computer. Go ahead and reboot. Once you have finished rebooting, don't bother opening other programs such as your browser like Firefox and Chrome, VOIP programs like Ventrilo or Teamspeak, IM programs like as MSN, Yahoo Messenger, etc. You get the point. Just open up KO and log in.

    This should work for you. Also, there are a few people who have suggested that leaving your character stand alone for a few seconds at the Character selection screen. Not sure if this helps but I guess it takes less time than reformatting your entire comp or even reinstalling KO all over again so go ahead and give it a try. Also, I heard that it might help if your character is NOT in Moradon. I have not tested any of these suggestions but like I said, couldn't hurt to try. If you stay in game for longer than 15 mins or so, you are now safe to open your browser, voip programs, IM programs, etc now. However, if you are lazy like me and don't turn off your computer for 4-5 days straight, this crap will pop back up again. But lucky for you, all you'll have to do this time is to shut down for a few mins and start up without other programs and you should be good as new.

    I know I've rambled on long enough so go ahead and try and hopefully my suggestions can help some people out there....unlike the MGame coders :P

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