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Callmenoob <--- another scammer

This is a discussion on Callmenoob <--- another scammer within the Tech Support forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; I was selling some stuff and he offer me a 75lvl rogue for my we+1. He gave me all the ...
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    I was selling some stuff and he offer me a 75lvl rogue for my we+1. He gave me all the info. I changed it all (mail, pass, etc)
    . So I got this account for 2 days and i try to get into the character to play a while and i couldnt get in. I dont know how he made this thing (w/o mail, pass) but he took it back. He blocked me on his MSN after a big talk

    well actually i cant get into the player.
    16/11/2007 2:56:59 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen i&#39;m afraid you are involve in this
    16/11/2007 2:57:12 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen hmm i didnt except something like that
    16/11/2007 2:57:59 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen i cant understand why you did something like this
    16/11/2007 2:58:12 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen and how did you make it.
    16/11/2007 2:58:21 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen i&#39;m really surprised
    16/11/2007 2:58:48 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen not even 1 answer?
    16/11/2007 3:03:59 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ what
    16/11/2007 3:04:03 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ i didnt got what u said
    16/11/2007 3:04:25 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen i cant get into the account
    16/11/2007 3:04:34 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen did you do something?
    16/11/2007 3:04:37 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ :S? what
    16/11/2007 3:04:39 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ i didnt
    16/11/2007 3:04:59 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen when you gave all the info the first thing i made was to change them
    16/11/2007 3:05:01 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen and i didi
    16/11/2007 3:05:12 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen now i cant get into
    16/11/2007 3:05:22 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen and the mail has changed again
    16/11/2007 3:05:31 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ omg u sure :X?
    16/11/2007 3:05:36 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen absolute
    16/11/2007 3:05:38 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ did u bought kc or preium
    16/11/2007 3:05:39 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ ?
    16/11/2007 3:05:47 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen no
    16/11/2007 3:05:58 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen he had
    16/11/2007 3:06:03 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen why should buy
    16/11/2007 3:06:06 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen prem
    16/11/2007 3:06:13 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ and kc ?
    16/11/2007 3:06:23 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen why buy kc
    16/11/2007 3:06:40 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen i didnt want to buy kc
    16/11/2007 3:06:50 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ because the acc included Killu too and told u u should buy kc or peium
    16/11/2007 3:06:52 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen the mater is that i cant do anything
    16/11/2007 3:06:53 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ to make it safe
    16/11/2007 3:07:07 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen but i changed them all dude
    16/11/2007 3:07:23 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen mail, pass all
    16/11/2007 3:07:26 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ well if has all payments infos he can change it acc ned hjave new paymetns infos
    16/11/2007 3:07:36 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ atleast u didnt lost any items??!
    16/11/2007 3:07:42 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ i can try help u get ac back
    16/11/2007 3:07:52 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ it&#39;s esay if u didnt bought kc or premium...
    16/11/2007 3:07:53 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen i wish cause i&#39;m very sad
    16/11/2007 3:07:55 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ thats why i told u buy KC
    16/11/2007 3:08:00 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ or Preium
    16/11/2007 3:08:07 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen to belser twice?
    16/11/2007 3:08:15 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen to be loser twice?
    16/11/2007 3:08:25 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ u dont understand do u ?
    16/11/2007 3:08:30 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ u can recilam account
    16/11/2007 3:08:34 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ when u ahve all payemnts infos
    16/11/2007 3:08:44 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ and i dont think me or Killumi got ur payments infos
    16/11/2007 3:08:50 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ and when u include them with the prushes
    16/11/2007 3:08:57 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ if we want recialm account
    16/11/2007 3:09:01 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ we need urs Payments too
    16/11/2007 3:09:18 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ accutlly u need last 3 paymetns and if u dont got 1 bb u never get it back
    16/11/2007 3:09:45 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ i will put tikect to get it back
    16/11/2007 3:11:01 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ if u didnt bought anything i can get it 100% but mate if u dont buy Kc it can be recialmed back agian and thats not me it&#39;s Killumiti the fag who scammed my items by this way
    16/11/2007 3:11:45 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen look i dont like it the way it done. Why you nake trades with a character that he is not safe
    16/11/2007 3:11:51 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen this is your fault
    16/11/2007 3:11:59 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ not really when u get char
    16/11/2007 3:12:02 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ u MOST
    16/11/2007 3:12:04 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ buy kc or preium
    16/11/2007 3:12:07 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ every1 knows that
    16/11/2007 3:12:16 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ if u dont the old owner can get it back
    16/11/2007 3:12:24 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen yeah i know i&#39;m a fool that trust a scmmer
    16/11/2007 3:12:35 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen cause this is how i find you
    16/11/2007 3:12:37 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ me? ur wrong i&#39;m not
    16/11/2007 3:12:59 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen i made a trade with you
    16/11/2007 3:13:01 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ i told u buy kc and u said dont worry about it
    16/11/2007 3:13:07 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ ur fault not mine
    16/11/2007 3:13:10 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen i dont know wevery1 else except you
    16/11/2007 3:13:35 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen i make a deal with you and not with this other guy you said to me
    16/11/2007 3:13:56 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen so what now?
    16/11/2007 3:13:57 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ this other guy is checking acc for items
    16/11/2007 3:14:00 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ i dont have the abiilty
    16/11/2007 3:14:03 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ to buy KC or preium
    16/11/2007 3:14:10 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ to make account not reciailmable
    16/11/2007 3:14:26 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen oh you have the ability to trade unsafe accounts
    16/11/2007 3:14:31 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ so look shortly u wanna i can get account back by CS and if u buy kc it will be safe
    16/11/2007 3:14:34 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen this is very smart
    16/11/2007 3:14:42 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen ok
    16/11/2007 3:14:46 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen lets try it
    16/11/2007 3:14:57 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen inform me when you have nes
    16/11/2007 3:14:58 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ i had the acc like a 8 days and he didnt touch it i cant say anything wrong time? :X
    16/11/2007 3:14:59 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen news
    16/11/2007 3:15:08 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ what pass u want it change too
    16/11/2007 3:15:26 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ there answer can be in 30min or till tomrrow the fastest
    16/11/2007 3:15:43 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen are you gonna inform me?
    16/11/2007 3:16:14 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ i gonna post ticket if u want and pass cahnge too xxxxx u want me chose pass or u wanna give me pass to change it to...?
    16/11/2007 3:16:33 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen whatever you want
    16/11/2007 3:16:39 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen put a password
    16/11/2007 3:16:45 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen anything you like
    16/11/2007 3:17:20 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ ok, msg me if u want me to check if that got changed because i not alwase here..
    16/11/2007 3:17:43 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen i didnt understand you
    16/11/2007 3:18:12 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen do you know this guy?
    16/11/2007 3:18:18 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen kilumin?
    16/11/2007 3:18:56 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ yeah he says i scammer but he scamemd my account by this way because i never buy kc or preium and stole 1000$+ items wroth he said he dont want account he left the account safe for like alot but seems he wanna check it agian for items :|
    16/11/2007 3:19:42 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen omg you didnt tell me that
    16/11/2007 3:19:57 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen i bought this we+1 for real money
    16/11/2007 3:20:05 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen
    16/11/2007 3:20:09 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ man dont worry
    16/11/2007 3:20:12 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ i get ur account back
    16/11/2007 3:20:16 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ PROMISE
    16/11/2007 3:20:22 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen i hope so
    16/11/2007 3:20:44 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ but hey i dont joke u need buy on it something even 50 kc just payments get into acc and make it not recailmed
    16/11/2007 3:20:55 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen i will do it
    16/11/2007 3:21:08 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ and sorry about this acc was safe when i had it he even said in public i dont need the account any more
    16/11/2007 3:21:15 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ because this gay got items
    16/11/2007 3:21:19 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ that wroth like 5x the char
    16/11/2007 3:21:29 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen i understand
    16/11/2007 3:27:09 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen you will do it now?
    16/11/2007 3:30:10 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ yea already did
    16/11/2007 3:34:51 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen ty
    16/11/2007 3:53:25 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen what we are w8ing now since the previously owner made that move?
    16/11/2007 3:53:57 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen do you believe that you can take the control back?
    16/11/2007 3:59:45 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ yeah
    16/11/2007 4:00:04 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ hmm whats the sq ? because when u get pass i need change email fast or he get it agian...
    16/11/2007 4:00:26 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen sq for?
    16/11/2007 4:00:52 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen the sq cant checge it
    16/11/2007 4:00:56 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen from the account
    16/11/2007 4:01:05 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen it is the same
    16/11/2007 4:01:08 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen amma24
    16/11/2007 4:01:31 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ ofc u can
    16/11/2007 4:01:32 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ by CS
    16/11/2007 4:02:06 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ but it takes time
    16/11/2007 4:02:21 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen anyway even if some1 knows the sq if he dont have mail info he cant do anything
    16/11/2007 4:02:37 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen i wonder how did he make it. and KO made him so fast?
    16/11/2007 4:02:40 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen his demand
    16/11/2007 4:02:50 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ what u mean
    16/11/2007 4:03:14 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen when i send to cs one request they answer me in 2 days
    16/11/2007 4:03:26 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ defend what u request
    16/11/2007 4:04:11 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen thats true but it was a simplet question with a simple answer
    16/11/2007 4:05:20 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ i think when u purshe kc
    16/11/2007 4:05:22 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ u can change sq
    16/11/2007 4:05:24 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ not sure
    16/11/2007 4:12:01 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen did you make any trasaction with this character?
    16/11/2007 4:12:15 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen how many days did you have this account?
    16/11/2007 4:12:25 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen or time?
    16/11/2007 4:23:49 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ trasction what is that?
    16/11/2007 4:23:59 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen transaction
    16/11/2007 4:24:35 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen when you make a payment with one or a trade this thing called transaction
    16/11/2007 4:26:59 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ i got the rogue for like hmmm 2 months
    16/11/2007 4:35:01 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen
    16/11/2007 4:35:19 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen did you got any answer?
    16/11/2007 4:40:04 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ i will check in a sec
    16/11/2007 5:19:25 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen any new?
    16/11/2007 5:19:36 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ nope :|
    16/11/2007 6:47:45 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen look if i dont gt control in the next 3 hours i will post for you...
    16/11/2007 7:12:54 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen are you here?
    16/11/2007 8:58:22 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen i&#39;m very ungry with this. I made a post for you
    16/11/2007 8:58:29 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen see you
    16/11/2007 8:59:05 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen you were very untrrustable
    16/11/2007 10:16:59 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ what u mean?
    16/11/2007 10:17:03 μμ Nurofen _BatoUska_ about the post?
    16/11/2007 10:18:32 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen i mean that i made a deal with you and you gave me an unsafe account
    16/11/2007 10:18:36 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen thats i ment
    16/11/2007 10:18:44 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen your deal was sux
    16/11/2007 10:19:14 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen thx god i didnt move nay items on that account
    16/11/2007 10:19:38 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen and i made a scamm post for you
    16/11/2007 10:20:24 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen i made so many trades but you were the worst
    16/11/2007 11:47:05 μμ _BatoUska_ Nurofen if you can get the character back give me back my we+1

    So be carefull with that fagget. I hate those guys. And btw KO are very stupids. I&#39;ve changed everything (I have the mails with the mail verification and the new passwords on my new mail) and they change the info back???? WTF. Any suggestion? Can i make something for it?

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    sorry for your loss, you should of looked it up first, i got admin to ban his ip adress

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    sorry 2 hear that for you.

    but next time do some more reachers if im not wrong this char was scammed of soe one here. by callmenoob , but lack of 100% evidence he did not get banned.

    now he been trying 2 trade that rogue for my items or char 2 , but lucky i get saying no

    sucks 2 hear man


    srry for bad grammer my typing sucks but my english dont

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    dude there was tons of posts about this guy scamming. Sorry for your loss, but you should always check into trades especially account trades.

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    sexy Owa


    he had tried to scam killuminati or such before a few topics in diez market and 1 fairly big one on general chat. really sorry you got scammed though m8, you really didnt deserve it

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    I don&#39;t understand why this guy still exist in this forum. If he has a such history. This guy should be banned permanently.

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    sexy Owa


    I don&#39;t understand why this guy still exist in this forum. If he has a such history. This guy should be banned permanently.[/b]
    true but even with a banned account he could have easilly done this trade with you over msn in any shady trade/sale you need to look into who your trading with, ALWAYS. all you would have had to done is type callmenoob on the search engine its not your fault it happened but you could have prevented it by doing that or simply asking in player trustability issues :P sorry for your loss but you will learn from your mistakes

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    he scammed lordhavemercy too if im not mistaken with the char = biggiesmells.

    should have checked before trading.

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    Damnz thats fuked up, If i only knew you were doing some buisniss with him. Cause this guy offered me same account for mine 2moons account 4 days ago. I saw your topic on Dies section you were selling lvl 75 assasin with +7 personal dagger, only nps were not the same so i tought it might be coincidence
    He contacted me 4 days ago about the trade, but for the last 4 days he was always afk on msn. So my guess is he was stalking time cause he was dealing with you.Anyway i told him in the first place i dont thrust you and i dont wanna do buisniss with you, and he told me its no problem and that he will give me all info of the account so i can change everything and then i could give him mine info of 2moons account. That filty motherfuker, Im sry for you loss if i only knew... <_<

    Purchasing/trading chars is very risky now. You must be 110% sure about the person if you might considering trading/buying a char.

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    So be carefull with that fagget. I hate those guys. And btw KO are very stupids. I&#39;ve changed everything (I have the mails with the mail verification and the new passwords on my new mail) and they change the info back???? WTF. Any suggestion? Can i make something for it?[/b]
    Well the thing is if he can proof he is ORIGINAL owner of the account, by that i meen he can provide all the required info and most importent, he has bought couple of times premium and he can show customersupport that he payed for it with his creditcard or whatever. Then only what he needs is to make up a story like: &#39;I cant log on mine account anymore blalba, or im hacked&#39; or whatever. Customersupport is gonna investigate his account and if everything checks up he will get account back.
    But then again if i see your case then only what i dont understand is how its possible he did that so fast...So there must be something else. Orr maybe you missed something?

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    sucks to hear and yep he is a known scammer there are severall topic about him

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    Kanata eh?


    I don&#39;t understand why this guy still exist in this forum. If he has a such history. This guy should be banned permanently.[/b]
    You do know I banned them already right? Before you even made that post

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    Yes, he tried to scam some plp before....Be carefull next time and well....chars trading r risky and dangerous and even more if u just giving a we+1 for a lvl 75 account.

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    traded with him account as well, and i bought kc, and prem, and also got pass changed some how..

    well i kinda trust this nurofen when he told me its not him coz my good friend traded with him as well and nothing happent to his account..

    but something is wrong here..

    some guy told me that callmenoob got lots of accounts that he bought or traded and then he got scamed so he try to sell those accounts and when he do it ur the new guy who get scammed every time ..

    im not really sure about it, but nurofen seem to be a cool guy, and about the char i traded with him. i guess ill have it back coz i got all payments info, i just need damn k2 to answer me..

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    This guy is alright
    Some ppl say he&#39;s a scammer he didnt scam me so i have nothng else to say

    sorry to hear bro

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