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Game Crashes And Computer Restarts

This is a discussion on Game Crashes And Computer Restarts within the Tech Support forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; This happened long time ago and i dont know solve this... some1 help pls!!!...
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    This happened long time ago and i dont know solve this... some1 help pls!!!

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    This used to happen to me 2 patches ago. I would log onto KO and after 3 hours my pc would automatically was always after 3 hours and even when im not ingame my pc reboots..what i mean by that is, i log on to ko for 1 hour then log off..2 hours later ( no longer on ko) my pc would in this patch i dont have that problem anymore but not to long ago my pc rebooted a few times at login screen and after pressin disconnect when i got the premium-full server message.

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    I think this problem is from the computer and not from the game. Check the power option in control panel and configurate it as u like. I am not sure if the task scheduler has something to do with it but check or disable it too. Else u should go to a doctor with ur pc :s.

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    After playing for 30 mins my computer feeze or rebots! But only when i'm playing KO.
    I have tryed with other games and they work fine!
    Help pls


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