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Google Your Problem Before Posting for help!

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    This is what I do when I have a tech problem and almost 100% of the time, I find a solution. So, I figure if t works for me, it'll work for you, Right??

    So, before asking for help, google your issue. Chances are, there are TONS of people around the world having the same problem as you and chances are that ATLEAST 1 person somewhere has found the solution for it.

    Okay, for example if I am having graphics card issues, but didn't know specifically what was wrong, I would google whatever graphics card I have and 'troubleshooting', thus I search this: 'Troubleshoot radeon 9600xt'

    I found over 100 forums with troubleshooting guides and I'm sure I could've solved the issue there. However if I didn't figure out what was up, I would post here.

    Example 2, I just read that ShinKicker posted asking, how do i find out what graphics card i have?
    well i would google
    'What graphics card do I have?'

    And what do you know, the first result:

    it tells you to run: dxdiag

    Easy as pie.

    Its better to learn for yourself about your computer rather than come on here and ask for someone else to tell you how to fix it. The more you learn about your problems, the more you can troubleshoot them yourself and in the end self-sufficiency IMO is very useful.

    MODS: I think google is a very useful tool that some people don't use. Please, sticky this if you think it would be helpful to people.

    Hope this helps some people
    Let me know what you think!

    **One thing this might not work for is really specific problems in KO.

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    +1 :P


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