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Hacked I gues

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    Well, yesterday I logged on to my account and nothing was wrong, today I tried to log on, I entered my pass and it gave me a 'wrong password-sign'. I tried to log on to MyKoL and my password didn't work there either. I decided to try the 'forgotten pasword-thingy'. I got a new password and I logged on to my account. The 1st thing I saw was my mage naked, not that he had that much, just +8 crystal set and an alchemy+9, but still. I logged on and saw that his inventory and all his other shit were gone, I looked at my Inn Hostes and saw that there was nothing left, only some crappy goblin shit, but my 5 pages of silver bars were gone. I logged of my mage and checked on my rogue, which is my main char. When I looked at it, it seemed to have everything on. I logged in and checked his inventory. It seemed everything was allright and after a few minuts I realised I lost FP+8 helmet and 3 parts +7 chitin. Though, the more worthy items were still there, DD+7 helmet FP+8 and dual Cleaver+8
    I don't understand how any1 could have gotten my password. Nor do I understand how he/she could have changed my pass. How could he change my pass without knowing my secret answer? I already sent a CS-Ticket, but I doubt if it will work, I think I'm going to unseal the things I have got sealed, and start of a new account. Thank God my rogue was a Ardream char -.-
    Anyway, if some1 knows a way to how he changed my password without knowing my secret answer, I'd be pleased to know, cuz if it's some1 who I know in RL who played on my account several months ago, I'd like to know.


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    just think it could have been worse

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    hacking your email then sending a recover lost password ticket through KO site.
    Boom, they just got your account.


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