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I get back fellonblackday :)

This is a discussion on I get back fellonblackday :) within the Tech Support forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; yes you are right Morodo. I opened my mail this Friday and there was a request for changing pw on ...
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    yes you are right Morodo.

    I opened my mail this Friday and there was a request for changing pw on FellonBlackDay account. Have no idea how it ended up there. I followed the link and changed pw. Ops. Now i have login for FellonBlackDay.

    It was stupid of me to "try" to steal back my old char. Luckily you managed to get login and get ur items back.
    I will not log the account anymore. Uninstalled game again already. I will provide you with the latest pw ofc.

    I totally understand you cant have confidence in using that account bad K2 cant change email on the account cos then it would all have been solved easily.

    I never blocked you...i just didnt respond. Msn me again if you wanna yell or scream or curse at me...i promise i will answer now.

    Ahh other thing too add... a clanie of bananas sayme u was selling MY ITeMS for USD on moradon ....


    I dont blame anyone for cursing at me or calling me scammer....i earn it...plain and easy...
    In the end i am happy i didnt start to play again cos for me this game is addicting...need to stay away from it.
    Over and out...start flaming please :mellow:[/b]

    Then why the same day when you "Change de password" that friday, u dont answed me the MSN?? i was saying u that is my Acc and why u change the password and i say u man we can make this for the easy way, and u dont answerd nothing, then i made this for the other way (posting and that).

    dont be layer..... and Btw u knew that acc was not more ur... u knew this acc is to other guy not u....

    and other thing why u send a ticket too K2 saying "hey because u give my pass too other people i lose WE+1, IN..... lol, and u ask for a rollback.... lol man and u dont SCAMER? lol

    And Why u was selling MY ITEMS for USd on moradon?, or u belive that items was ur item, u belive if u dont play ur warrior for 3 mouth or more ur warrior will be apear with Items by a miracle? pffff...... (some banana clanie told me that u was selling my items in USD)

    bro very hard too beliveu :/

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    omg man i am sory to hear that dont quit plz i love you in the clan :P
    try to get a dcz char :/

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    yes you are right Morodo.

    I will provide you with the latest pw ofc.[/b]
    I dont know what can i say, I thought that u was a good person, trust person and maybe i was can share my warrior with you but now... very hard too belive, im not a KID, i have values...., and u are a Scamer...

    , i will change the PW again, i dont will put any item on this acc until K2 open the option for change email. i hope u dont change the PW again, if u change it, u dont will see any item on it, and i will change the PW again and again...

    well no more too say, i hope u will be fine and make a good RL and no stupid things like that...

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    Well guys, ko4life people, He (knightran) regrets for what he do, i appreciate that and i hope he dont do anything like that other time...

    thnks to all bananas clanies and all k04life people who belive me and make this go for a good way, and i think Magic_Hq dont be in this problem, i will errase of my topic that .

    again thnks too all.

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