this is second time hack..offff...and this time was verry strange cuz all my items disappear under my eyes.
i was lookin in my inventory how my items r gone one by one from character and inventory.was on pk in cz.
nice huh?

i don't wanna cry for that cuz i made back items once so i will do again 10000000 times i just want to tell that scammer ..hacker or kid what the ..who got bigbird acc cuz i'm a bit stronger and not a kid who's always cry.

i will kill ure friends again and again in cz so don't worry i'm never step back.good luck and see ya in cz..again.

i will post some ss to proove what i say...killed few times in town from ...nobody..with a critical 60.000 damage,yes guys 60 thousand damage 3 times died ,i was laugh when happend..cuz they r kids .

you've been killed by (code....) nice huh?stupid kids