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KO client crashing, causes windows to freeze

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    Kay, pissing me off enough to get me to post about it.

    I played KO about a year ago on this very computer, but in a different location on a different wireless connection in a different house. The machine's specs are crap, but it worked before and nothing is broken... so I figure it should probably still run fine now... but it doesn't.

    Computer specs, though they don't mean anything to me:

    AMD athlon 64bit processor 3800+ 2.40 ghz
    1.5gig ram
    Windows vista 32bit
    GeForce 6150SE graphics card

    As I said, worked before but is fooking up now.

    The actual problem:

    Whenever I try run KO, there's roughly a 50% chance it will freeze at one of any number of points in the login process, causing me great stress. What makes it worse is that whenever the KO client freezes, my entire computer seems to devote all its energy into recovering the KO client, leaving me unable to alt-tab to anything or ctrl-alt-delete and shut down KO through the task manager.

    The specific points it's frozen on me most often are:

    Pressing enter after putting in username/password
    during "Connecting, please wait" after selecting server
    At 99% loaded character data

    The actual freezing comes in stages. For about 5 seconds after clicking enter or choosing server, the music will still be playing and everything will seem peachy. After 5-10 seconds, the music stops, and about 50-60 seconds after that, the mouse will freeze in place and my computer will sink into total unresponsiveness. In those 50 or so seconds after the music stops, I can alt-tab, which will bring up the task bar and sorta kinda bring up whatever window I alt tabbed to. I'd post screenies if my computer wasn't beyond the point of no return whenever that error shows up

    I've tried, so far:

    port-forwarding with my current router (I may have effed it up, will check later)
    reinstalling KO
    shutting down all firewalls I know about (except for router, once again gotta check that)
    Closing pretty much everything else my computer is running (including explorer )

    Yeah. Dunno if anyone here can help, but here's hoping.

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    get a new gfx card


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