so i think some1 stole my mage or hacked it..
whatever may have happpened..
i dont really care about it, nothing special was on it but WoE+1 rev and rev+1 krowaz set lvl 79 like 12k np's..
name is 0bScruityisback also with a lvl jumped rogue Mr0bscruity and a free slot..

id didnt really give a shit about this char i just traded it for my EUKO account and some gb's awhile ago..
was gonna play it but then decided not to.. made my own account..

i think my faulty mistake was i made the email real fast and the log in PW the same so when logging in the website it gives you the email and if you use the same PW they can log in and basically take control of your account.. and i think that is what happened..

i have had like 2-4 ppl playing it just to exp some of their friends or nab chars for lvl jump

AlphaMale, MyDestiny, and lBattleBeastl, (i kno for a fact these 3 did not do it they just have info's)
also a friend from euko after he was supposably hacked.... (i think he may have done it..)
not sure what his ko4life name is not sure if he even has 1? but i have his MSN - [email protected]
if any1 knows him.. he is a very sketchy guy.. name is Joe(or so he tells me)

just to warn every1, or it could be the original owner?
but im not 100% sure dnt ban these ppl just want to let every1 kno this joe guy is sketchy and 0bscruity is a suspect.. but i mostly think it is joe