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This is a discussion on NARGILA/RISK/OBSCURITY/---CLAN FEARFACTOR SCAMMERS!!! within the Tech Support forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; how did u think u could use the same MSN name u scammed someone and keep using it to try ...
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    how did u think u could use the same MSN name u scammed someone
    and keep using it to try and sell them. hwo much of a moron can you be???

    ok here we go

    Einhorn is Finkle ? Finkle is Einhorn? Einhorn is Finkle? FINKE IS EINHORN?

    yea u have all seen Ace Ventura don't lie lol.

    NARGILA <in game name = NARGIL4 and RISK, and several other names with low post numbers.

    the MSN name [email protected] is Nargil4 and Risk they also use other gmail names
    so watch out for gmail.

    RISK got into my account because i was dumb enough to trust him <<<big time noob move i know but
    learned lesson . under the msn name i listed above ([email protected])... saying he wanted to make sure
    my account was valid before he made a trade.

    So now Risk has my Mage lvl 67 items which were .... Rom +1/Imir Ring/Amulet of Magic power/FLame Ring +1/ Crystal Earring +2/+1 crystal belt/hell blood +7......sooooooo i was looking around on the forums and i see on Guachimagaas, for her Current offers for her raptor... see if you see something a little strange from Nargila:

    Originally posted by Guachimagaa+--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Guachimagaa)</div>
    offer away

    C/O =

    giga +7 2h light..wp and 5 gb (buliwye)
    exeptional ii+7 opal earring and warrior shell pads +7(hamaji) *
    200 usd ( bobycripper )
    ROM +1 + flame ring+1+imir ring+ aom (nargilia)
    B/O = IN or 50 gbs or 250 usd xDD[/b]

    ok so now i'm like is RISK = NARGILA and Nargila=RISK

    SO i had Deville run me the IPS to see if they matched

    Originally posted by Devile@

    hi man i was wondering if you can check the IP addresses of *


    got scammed by risk and think the other 2 are connected, ty

    Risk = Nargil

    doesnt match kkdd.

    DING ! .......... Game over for you pal........... oh and the email that is connected [email protected] yea heres some proof. He pmed guachimagaas from Nargil4 with this MSN name and here is the conversation about trading my stolen stuff

    well i think that about does it. i am requesting to have this guy banned before he tries tries to do this to other people, and uses this site to scam people. his whole little IP range would be great so he can't get around it, i know hes not from america and towards the turkey area according to the times that he is active.
    thank you to all who is helping take this guy down. And i know ur reading this man, and i'm not done here, i'm already talking to KOL Admins about banning you for good from the whole site


    Was given a tip that from someone who dealt with OBSCURITY on ICQ that he tried to sell Narglia....SO HE MUST HAVE something to do with this, which makes sense cuz none of his guys hes uses haave alot of posts. so thats the main guy here i think...

    i know ur on obscurity so let us know why this is...if its not you, you know who it is.

    so this clan obviously know whats going on here and aren't doin anything about it either
    i want my items back, but if you dont' want too, losing the respect and reputation of this clan and everyone in it is ok with you....thats a bigger loss than me losing a couple rings. i can make money but having the reputation of a scammer is going ot haunt you wherever u go, help me get my items and clear your clan name plse.

    also once again thank you to everyone who has been helping me link these guys together. This would not be possible if you did not help, and if we stick together we can make ko4life better for everyone.

    also this post will hit every KO forum out there to make as many people aware of you

    until u guys are drove out of everywhere u go, or at least people are aware of who u are, and not to deal with you.

    ok i'm exausted now, i hope i helped and hopefully can get these guys banned

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