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Pc problem-need help

This is a discussion on Pc problem-need help within the Tech Support forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; well heres how the story goes: Iv'e been having blue screen of death errors for a few months now, everytime ...
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    Default Pc problem-need help

    well heres how the story goes:

    Iv'e been having blue screen of death errors for a few months now, everytime i boot, and i click a several times on the screen, the pc restarts and gives me the error- Invalid_attachment_Process. the weird thing bout this is that it doesnt happen in a Pattern, sometimes it does, sometimes it doesnt.

    yesterday i came back from a family trip, during that time my pc was turned off (3 days). the same day i returned i turned on my pc, and it did the blue screen error, after that it did it twice again. on the 3rd reboot, it did the drive check screen, and restarted, and after the reboot i couldn't click nor on the mouse and nor on the keyboard.
    tried replugging and switching keyboards and mouses but nothing works.

    I need to know what is the issue and how to solve it (If possible)


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    sounds to me like a windows error, drivers and such.. have you tried reformatting your harddrive and re-installing windows? if you cant get into the computer to reformat it.. and if you know anything about computers (hardware) remove the Hard Drive from your pc and locate another, connect it as the slave drive and once the system is booted go to

    My Computer -> Select the Drive -> Right Click -> Format -> NTFS -> Ok

    Once your done, reconnect your HD to your computer as the Master drive and when you boot computer place a Windows XP (hopefully XP..) and the systems standed BIOS will automatically check the CD drive before the boot sequence initiates(if it didnt, you will get "OS System Not Found" error) and then follow the Windows installation instructions from there.

    everything on your drive will be lost so it sucks.. but i think it might fix this.. iono about software but "Invalid_attachment_Process" sounds to me like when you click the windows function of actually selecting / opening files after the click is corrupted or something, like, it is the "Attachment Process" of clicking. im sure somebody else here could help you for sure, i know PC hardware and how to creat computers, not so good with errors -_-



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