I got scammed three days ago as of today, Friday October 20th.
Scammer's name: BlessedFromGods
Deal was made through Western Union WU.

I offered 700 dollars for a lvl 71 Rogue Assassin Equipped with unique and expensive items.
I got scammed out of 700 dollars so do not make a trade or deal with this guy.

I am still waiting for my money back from Western Union.
If anyone has any whereabouts of this person, ask him if he would be nice enough not to scam me and no harm is taken seriously. It is a game after all. Im 19 years old and I knew scamming was a big problem, I just didn;t think it would happen to serious gamers who take their mmorpg games seriously after a long time to make some money. but no I had to get scammed.

BlessedFromGods - if u are reading this, please don't scam, be friends? I'll like to receive your account when u get the chance to talk to me.