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Tips to avoid getting hacked

This is a discussion on Tips to avoid getting hacked within the Tech Support forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; I'm bored and can't sleep so I'm posting a little guide that I'll periodically update. I've been playing since the ...
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    Exclamation Tips to avoid getting hacked

    I'm bored and can't sleep so I'm posting a little guide that I'll periodically update.

    I've been playing since the Beramus beta and have never been hacked. There are steps to take to avoid being hacked, but sometimes you can get hacked simply for being too popular. Now, more than ever, cyber warfare is on the rise and hacking innocent people is literally a business industry in some countries.

    Obviously "don't share your password with anyone":

    1. Always use a complex password. Include at least 2 lowercase, 2 capital letters, and 2 special characters.
    2. Ensure your password is at least 8 characters long. (Beware: TOO complicated passwords can prevent you from logging on - if that happens, just try a different password pattern).
    3. Create a password document and record all of your passwords there. I use a journal; if thieves are capable of entering my home and surviving, they've earned the loot.
    4. Create a schedule to change your password. Change your password at least once a month. I know it sounds unnecessary, but it really is.
    5. Never use a 'master password.' Passwords are commonly recycled and reused with other services, this increases the chance of getting hacked. If you use your bank password as your Knight Online password - you double the risk of getting hacked.
    6. Never download KOXP or other promising programs to enhance your Knight Online experience. Simply put: MOST (and I'm probably accurate in saying 90%) people who get hacked have downloaded these programs, whether through keyloggers or live feed, it doesn't matter. You don't need it, especially now with Genie & EXP premium.
    7. Ensure your account email is equally protected. Connect your cell phone to your email and use your real name and date of birth.
    8. Don't use your real name or date of birth on your Knight Online account (if you can help it).
    9. Set secret questions/answers that are IMPOSSIBLE to guess (I use a cats name for the city I live in, for instance). Record the answers in a safe place so that you can easily find it when you need it.
    10. DO NOT BUY ACCOUNTS. If you buy an account, you will NEVER own it. The original owner will always be able to get it back, regardless. IF you lose that account, you can call your bank and get your money back; but it is VERY difficult to prove that the original owner took it back without taking legal action. I've been through this crap and won. Cypher rings make characters more expensive, but it's the safest way. An account with a Lvl 80 warrior, Krowaz set+7 for sale isn't worth a dime.
    11. Avoid using the same nickname everywhere you go online. Hackers can 'connect the dots' and if a group of them decide that you're a good paycheck, they'll target you and you will lose.
    12. Avoid using personal information online. The more personal information you have made available online, the easier it will be for people to try to 'acquire a lost account.' Remember, these requests are sent to PEOPLE not MACHINES; if the person sincerely believes that someone else is the rightful owner, you lose.
    13. DO NOT BUY FROM GOLDFARMING WEBSITES. Yes, it's great to see the 80% lower prices on these goldfarming websites compared to dealing with trusties here, unfortunately you're dealing with Chinese hackers DIRECTLY. By giving them your payment info and personal information, they WILL use it elsewhere. It may not be tomorrow, it might not be next month; but expect the worst. Typically, they just sell your information and it is collected or 'data mined' then used in a large attack (as we've seen recently). There is nothing more risky than buying from them, I cannot emphasize this enough.
    14. DO NOT SHARE YOUR ACCOUNT. If you do, ensure it's someone that you absolutely trust: a family member, or a close clannie that you've known for many years. Rarely will someone pretend to be friends for years just to make off with $300, however, it's not unheard of. People literally get killed over less money.
    15. Don't flash everything in your inventory - jealousy sparks hack requests on professional hacking forums, and money is a huge motivator.
    16. Don't be a dick. Eventually you'll piss off the wrong guy and he'll make it his life's mission to crush you. Yes, this is a super competitive game, and that's exactly why you should remain humble .
    17. Obviously make use of OTP - - it won't make hacking impossible, but it will make it VERY difficult for the hacker.
    18. Ensure you allow email notifications when your password is reset and connect your email to your cell phone. This will alert you within minutes of unauthorized account access (assuming the PW was changed). Resetting your password will not log the hacker out - they can still be active on your account; likewise, if you are in-game, someone can reset your password without you being auto-logged out. Ensure you open the game, log in with your credentials and 'force log out' anyone logged in your account. Simultaneously, change your password on the website; this will disrupt the hacker. Your next steps should be changing your account login secret answers, pins, and password. Do this with your email as well. Then, submit a support ticket of a possible hack attempt.

    Use these steps as you see fit. I don't always use all of these steps, I don't have anything I'm too worried about losing and I have beefy security. However, some of you have $6,000 worth of stuff on your character -- I would certainly take drastic measures to protect that.

    Feel free to post and add other tips.
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    up up this one

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    well done, good tips in here!
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    need to bump up my pts nice tips !

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    well done bro


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    I'd like to add one important suggestion here,
    Generally overlooked...

    Don't name your chars the same as your account name.
    I.E: Character: BOOOO, Account Name: BOOOO

    I'm amazed that people still do that even now.
    My personal suggestion - create the account ID same as you would a password - random mix of letters and numbers, then write it down (exactly the same as password).

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    There is one thing that is more important in terms of account security nowdays, than all of the mentioned in first post.
    And that is using OTP. -One Time Password login.


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