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Ventrilo question.. about playing music

This is a discussion on Ventrilo question.. about playing music within the Tech Support forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; i'v seen in some ventrilo kids that are playing their music not by their microphone but in other method.. and ...
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    i'v seen in some ventrilo kids that are playing their music not by their microphone but in other method.. and the sound was really good
    i know its a bit complicated but if someone can put here guide how to do that i will appreciate it (:

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    google: ventrilo harrassment

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    they removed it from their site
    "HOW TO... (banned from website for ToS violation)" and i can't find other sites =S

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    A lot of people ask how I can play music in vent and get a good sound quality AND without even having a mic. This guide shows how to do it all and adjust for sound quality.

    Note, this guide won't work for everyone, you will see in a little bit why it won't.
    Open Master Volume, and go to Options, then select properties, and you should get a menu like this:

    After that, select recording, and press ok, and you will get the recording control, which looks like this:

    After getting that open, select stereo mix, now go to Ventrilo, and open Setup. Go to the Hardware Input Mixer section, and change Mixer from (None) to Realtek AC97 Audio, change Mux to Recording Control, and change Line to Stereo Mix. (NOTE, NOT ALL COMPS HAVE REALTEK AC97 FOR THEIR SET UP IN VENTRILO, THIS GUIDE ONLY WORKS FOR THOSE THAT DO.)

    Adjust your outbound to NEGATIVE 9, so that it isn't too loud. After you've done all this, open master volume again, and lower your wave volume a little bit, and keep it open. Log into ventrilo, unplug your mic, and go back to set up. Uncheck "Use Push To Talk Hotkey (PTT Mode)" Make sure your in a channel on the vent server you're logged into that allows music playing, or that there's no one in it. After that, get some one to come into the channel, and test it, you will need to play with your wave volume a bit to make sure it's not too loud, or crappy sounding.

    You need to change the sensitivity really low, the lower it is, the more it will pick up, for example, the real quiet parts of the song will not be picked up, and it will stop playing, and people in vent won't hear that part. So lower it down and it will pick up on pretty much anything, WHICH IS WHY YOU SET IT TO STEREO MIX AND UNPLUG YOUR MIC.

    That's how I play music in vent, I don't get any complaints (cept for the music I play :P) and if I get any complaints about quality, I can adjust it so that it sounds perfect in a matter of seconds. If you got any questions on this feel free to give me a pm, or leave a reply here.

    For those of you without the realtek ac97 audio setting, you should have something similar to the one above. Set Mux to SB X-Fi Audio (CCAO), set your Mux to recording control, and your line to Wave.[/b]


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