The Wonders of X-Trap
After reinstalling the game completely and re-updating all the patches:

After downloading the Xtrap files from :


After following phantomlink's post...
Originally posted by phantomlink
Several users are complaining about errors with the latest version of KO anticheat, Xtrap. Please follow this short guide in order to troubleshoot the problem:

1. The first thing u need to be sure of, is that u have the latest version of Xtrap installed. This is done automatically when u load the game, but sometimes cause of firewalls or network problems, is not done. The current version is 1128. To verify what version u have, run KO and wait til the Xtrap tray icon appears. Put your mouse over the Xtrap tray icon and u should see this:


If the number is different, then u have a different/older version and KO will show and error message and then close. This cause could be u haven't updated (offline explorer) or cause the files are corrupt. To update properly, delete your KnightonlineXtrap folder and run KO again. KO should create the folder again and install all required updated files. Try again and u should get 1128 version.

2. APIHOOKCRACK error. This error is cause u are using older version of Xtrap files or u can't contact Xtrap server in Korea. Please read step 1. If u are sure u are using current version, then please make sure your firewall is not blocking host port 2000.
...I get this:

X-Trap doesn't seem to block macroers. So is K2 just setting this up to prevent every other KO player from getting on KO and HOPING that they get some macroers in there? Not a very good solution if you ask me.