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This is a discussion on About Alars / Jimbob89 within the Trading disputes & reports forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; This guy traded my giga +7 whit his raptor +7 (like 2 month ago) he said it was DM Drop ...
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    Default About Alars / Jimbob89

    This guy traded my giga +7 whit his raptor +7 (like 2 month ago) he said it was DM Drop and he was at our clan (Rage_Of_Blood™) i trust him and change it... actualy few days after he get banned from clan... i didnt think he can scam me i tried to be friends.. 1weeks after dupe items wiped...

    yes my raptor gone... i got very angry and pm alars about that... that was my only thing from Blood™(my giga)... he said i bought +1 and upg it dunno its true but as you know he said it was DM drop... Anyway that day he was have giga +8 he said me he sell my giga to TempesTs.. so??? i want something back cuz i wasnt have money or new weapon... he blocked pms and ALT F4'ed...

    Cuz of him i left game, how can i play whit no weapon + clan??? now this guy selling raptor says legal on this forum,

    If you dont trust the item duped or not DO NOT Sell at real char... Maybe others buy from merchant char but the who have no money and just a weapon like me! will not.... <_<

    Should pay me this? should write there +7 RAPTOR Fresh DUPED!!!!!.... :angry:

    Pls Help Me to Get this back...

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    The real Alars stop playing since 2.5month ago and he don't sell his acount so i think Alars is being hacked :s

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    well its kinda late isnt it ?
    as for alars , he is a nice guy , dunno if real one or whatever , but the one that was in infinity was pretty cool .

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    hey bear

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    Hello guys,

    i guess you talk about Evenson and not me, it s been 6 month that i dont play no more to ko, someone told me about this so i just came to tell you that it was not me.
    Btw i was never be in the rage of blood clan, it was evenson.

    ps: hello all ^^ how are you ? ^_^

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    the Warrior's nick was Alars!!! he renamed i dunnow what but if the scammer Evenson...... He should pay this... dunno help me pls guys -_-


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