WANTED : Daniel Hofmann Laursen

Server : Asgard
Ingame Name : wrinklepriest


Chaos Baal 9
2x Chitin Shell+10
3x Chitin Shell+9
15x 3200 Knight cash (600$) Value alone
Asgard 200 Gold Bars (8$ per gb - 1600$)
1xIron Neck+3

Story : Bought Items Via Paypal, few day later says need money back did chargeback 3000$+, One thing to note Facebook in Denmark Paypal in United Kingdom.

I do not know if the email or paypal was hacked or facebook but contact was done via facebook, and paypal was from UK

Daniel Hofmann Laursen

Born : 29 August 1994
Went to : Went to houlkærskole
Last Known Location : Lives in Viborg, Denmark

His facebook :

Paypal Used : [email protected]

Email linked starts in : en*****

Mother Name : Helle Hofman
Mothers Facebook :

If you have done trades with this guy/girl you need to sort your shizz out now! took 3000$+ in charge back