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Truth About Sergio Gaspar

This is a discussion on Truth About Sergio Gaspar within the Trading disputes & reports forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; its already few weeks since i sort out everything but since i see this no life fucker still using ko4life ...
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    its already few weeks since i sort out everything but since i see this no life fucker still using ko4life i must show u guys who is he for real . i know this fag for almost 5 years , same with his brother wich is really nice guy , well like 2 months ago i passed my items to kronos aka badginga aka BadBax aka Sergio Gaspar ,
    he was going to help me sell them and he could use them while he do that . i passed him CS+8 , GB+3 , we+2 sse+3 , in+2 , roc+2 rol+2 and some more , doesnt really matter . Everything was normal , he was giving me offers for items , and after he gave me offer of cs+8 for 700$ he dissapered of msn for few days wich is really strange , i was waiting few WEEKS but he didnt came back online , and he never pick up the phone when im comming . He just block me , i know that since couple of my other friends saw him online in while when he was offline for me . And then after many intervensions he came online on msn for few sec , he called me scammer and he will not give back scammed items "he can only give them back to the "real owner "" and he want me to give him his email . Not mentioning that he block me 5 sec after he wrote it , doesnt really matter , Why ? coz i found out that in while he blocked me on msn he sold most of my items for USD , like he sold cs+8 and gb+3 to his clanny for insane price . im really dissapointed on this one , cs+8 gb+3 this was his price to show WHO is he for REAL , fuckin scammer slut . There is a topic on Vindictive forum wich says rest things . Just wanted to add 1 more thing here , since HE DEFEND his self so much when i said he scammed his own brother too , this is convo with his brother :
    2008-03-09 16:29:22 Skinner Art but my brother's actions have nothing to do with me
    2008-03-09 16:29:31 Art Skinner kill him
    2008-03-09 16:29:36 Art Skinner make the world better
    2008-03-09 16:29:57 Skinner Art no comments
    2008-03-09 16:30:39 Art Skinner im not in the mod to talk with you
    2008-03-09 16:30:48 Art Skinner your brother fuked me for 1600$
    2008-03-09 16:31:03 Skinner Art cya
    2008-03-09 16:31:04 Art Skinner and he was my friend as you for 4 years
    2008-03-09 16:31:08 Skinner Art someday
    2008-03-09 16:31:12 Art Skinner doesnt it make sense?
    2008-03-09 16:31:25 Skinner Art dude i know he hacked me once also
    2008-03-09 16:31:29 Skinner Art when he knew my passwords
    2008-03-09 16:31:43 Skinner Art thats why i had to bve restored 4 times in my rogue back in Ares
    2008-03-09 16:32:09 Skinner Art but i never told him i knew it was him
    2008-03-09 16:32:13 Skinner Art only Nexux knew

    He was well known guy , so i feel i need to show u guys who is he for real , so he still can be well know
    Gl in life Sergio , world is so small ...

    Edit : hehe , u allways deleting my comment from your profile , about u are scammer , u think after i posted things on your forum i ll leave this to be forget here ?
    Must be dreaming motherfuker

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    GayBax lol that guy after everyone new what he had done decided to quit vindi.

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    ye thats really fucking gay, i saw bax as a nice guy aswell. Never ever expected this to happen.

    Now u see that so much people totally change bcus they get so greedy..

    Im really sorry for you art, ive tried to help as much as i can !


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    Allot of guys are being confronted for one or more guys asking for me, so let me post it
    So every1 knows everything…

    This is a story about a guy named badginga aka Nosferato aka Cronos aka Badbax (me)
    Some of you guys know me other not really!
    I play this game sense 2004 never had big problems whit any 1.
    2 years ago I meet “Art” GG at that time, I used to play is priest and he played my character we never had problems till the day that he was trying to pimp his character whit a so called Gm help!
    He told me that he was going to help me also but he need it all my info´s
    (I know I know but I was blind whit joy because I was going to have ubber items)
    So I give him all the info´s that he request, surprise!
    Later that day I went to the account and I saw that some of the items from my priest were gone I asked what append and he told me that the suppose GM friend must of taking them to try to upgrade for fun!
    Idn I didn’t think I guess; next day in the morning I went to the account to see if there was anything new there and in fact something was different!
    My account was stripped!
    “Art’s” account= stripped!
    “lezzie´s” account= stripped!
    Nice gm friend! (I know now that it wasn’t a gm, but a Turk friend of a suppose gm! Well he told me that.)
    I had to change the psw the account info´s Pay pall account and e-mail,
    After that I spend almost 6/7 months trying to get a restore on some of my items and I finally got it just before they start whit the crap of giving set of shell+ 5 STR earrings and stuff like that.
    Idn how every guy that I know turn on against me back then! From art to lezzie that talked to me and treat to come to Portugal after me, to boro passing then to be a suspicious guy to almost everyone that I knew!!
    “Art” is/was in game for a long time had all the best connections and had a strong reputation in forums all After I have everything again and start using ko4life again and actually start playing again he starts talking to me! I sad many time “wtf are you talking to me like if nothing append!! And he had the nerve to tell me “what are you talking about?”( made my in game life a living hell lost everything because of him lost friends because of him and still he was around showing me ubber items that he had and trying to get me in is good graces again.)
    That was almost changing last year when a post was made about him scamming someone!
    I made a replay there more or less the same size as this 1 saying what append and guess what!
    Forum had a problem and the entire posts whit 1 or 2 days disappear...
    No 1 post it again so he got off the hook…
    After that he quit the game for every1 that know him!
    He made friendship to a rich guy that trust him 150% he had all 4 chars lvl 80 and whit ubber gear! Some of you guys know his characters or played on them in some point!
    That rich friend had a brother and “Art” had some issues whit him… the Rich boy didn’t like it and change the psw from all his characters so “Art” could not play anymore...
    What do you guys think “Art” did about it... He create noob characters ask costumer support and because some of the characters was bought true art he ad all the info´s so he got all the characters back, the 1st one that he recover was pimped all the 3 other were naked!
    The Owner realized what he was doing and stripped all the accounts before he lost them.

    (Resume): art is f of bshit! I wanted to get him for 2 years I got my chance now and I did it whit out remorse!
    I help him selling some stuff, he got allot of money because of me rest of the items I’m keeping them to myself and I’m not returning them to him! Maybe to the legit owner but that’s something that I have to find 1st because he doesn’t has any char to play now!

    now this one made my day!

    Hello Sergio.
    Firstly, I want to ask You to give back items that You appropriated (or cash for them)
    Secondly, if You will not do what I politely asked in first point, then I'll just have to go to Portugal and drink a cup of tea with You, your wife and unborn baby.
    I know that You have my request deep in ass, but You can't say that i didnt warn You.
    Best wishes,

    i talked to skinner as soon as i read this post! you know what he told me?
    "he modify what i told"
    you dont need to bring him to the talk we resolve ower own problems in family....
    and just so you know
    im not reading this post anymore!

    have a good life whit your pipe..
    and happy

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    lies and lies and lies , noone is asking u to read this post u peace of shit , BUT ppl need to know true
    "rich guy" u prick is playin wow with me , so dont give me bullshit , the truth is u saw cash and u decided to dont give it back , after u sold all my stuff , nice try to sort out things here , but i need to dissapoint u , i ll try to bring skinner here if he have balls


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