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VanWilder & almadin scammers

This is a discussion on VanWilder & almadin scammers within the Trading disputes & reports forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; almedin and Van is probably scammers. its was our drop no doubt. thats all. -_-...
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    almedin and Van is probably scammers.
    its was our drop no doubt.
    thats all. -_-

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    Originally posted by lThe_Bl+--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(lThe_Bl)</div>
    Originally posted by RealPayne+--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(RealPayne)
    Originally posted by lThe_Bl
    Originally posted by m1ng

    i just don't get why you think its your drop? but we will probably never agree about that.

    To bad you guys call me a lier while the way you guys tell the story here is 100 % wrong. *Ask godzilla again about that Dark Mare Party, About the Gig Axe and about the Skellie Belt. Maybe he remembers again how it really all happened.
    He knows i'm right, this is all 100 % true.

    i think we just prove u lie, if he was scam u wont call him (secand time i repet it) but u did, mean he not so stop be idiot and start tell the true, u said u offer cleric earnig, well if u honest man admit here that u didnt only u offer is aqat and we both know that....

    and we dont think its "our drop" u help, now that we was need u but godzilla add u guys and true u help, i not say "drop is ours" so stru, i said its should be share i told u if u got money keep the item and give us our part but u rufused.. so mean u want to let us stay with nothing, mean scamers.... so now u got 4 options....

    1. give us out part and keep the item
    2. sell the item and share the money
    3. we give u money and u give us the item
    4. wake away with the item u will get SSE but all here will know that u just a scamer, avery where u will go will that nick will call u a scamer last night in CSW i was there and yaling that, almost all ppl agree with me u can ask Terror, FinalHit and other human which was there....... u pick



    Originally posted by El_magico+--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(El_magico)</div>
    we was killing TK we invite them to our party becouse we knew them from before, we trust them and invite them, the drop came to them and they took the SSE that droped and didnt gave it to us, we was clan party and then scamed us! lame scammers dont trust them!
    Ok this is total bullshit, i don't even know who you are. I knew godzilla and me and almedin were scouting e3. Their are talos and Tk (we scouted). I ask godzilla on msn if he wants to tank for us. Yeah he says offcourse. Next thing he does: calls his entire clan to e3, leads the party (we allready had a party but he didn't want to tank if he wasn't the leader :S:S). We don't care and we kill talos: Potion of soul. Then i say guys their is also TK in desert, lets go. So we went, kill TK, drops SSE, i get drop cause i was second in party. From the second i had the drop all godzilla clannies start yelling: Give to godzilla, Give to us! Give us! I say whoo whoo whoo, we can use it to bro. AHH YOU CAN"T KEEP IT THATS SCAMMING BLABLABLA. Then they wanted a bronze earring and want us to give the SSE, wel since we wanted the SSE as well we offered them a cleric or a agate earring. But then was unnegotiable, that would be scamming! So we started to get pissed by all of his clanmembers we had never seen and which we didn't call to TK ( we called Godzilla, NOt his clan).

    Thing is why we also decided to keep the SSE is because of some things in the past. Godzilla was just in DF when most of us allready had a belt from talos exept for almedin (who was allready 3 monts in clan). So then godzilla is about 3 days in clan and we get dropped a skellie belt. Well actually if would have been fair if it went to almedin but we thought since godzilla is gonna be in the clan for a long time ( we thought) he can have it now. So we said: Ok godzilla can have it now. 3 weeks later godzilla is out clan and no belt has been seen back from him. I talked to him on msn about it and what shows up: He allready has a IB. So i say good then you can give the skeleton belt to almedin. Godzilla: Oh i gave that 1 to a friend.
    naaah bro dont care these noobs pls. they're 12-16 years old also and many people know them who are little chickens in edana. they're acting like lil child cuz its normal also they're lil children [at least child mind]. they're cursing DarkForces of course cuz they're so noob for DF and u r seeing they're fluttering in few clans everyday. example v3ndetta is racist kid saying bad works to turks while he was in Turk clan who has got Turk flag in their cape. this's just a lil example for u shouldnt care them. today they can say "i love u" tomorrow they can say " fuk u" for scam some items or etc. now u'll see they'll try acting angry msgs to me and DF but i wont care them :lol: i'm just writing for DF and almedin and vanwilder not for shit discussion...

    anyways that's just a summary about them. no need more telling. let's come back to game and watch their fluttering answers. [like say to us" shut up, idiot, we're good, u r scammers, etc & etc.] [shh they're really good friends.. when u say somethin bad to 1 one them u can get answer from 4-5 people - they're friend - :rollseyes: u'll see soon like all forum :lol: ][/b]
    lol look who is talking? is it The_B from edana DF? same 1 who was almost in every boss and never got anything cuz he so idiot? even wayne got this RE before u, and u call us childs, well so u are gorewn up man but very stupird 1 so stru lol[/b]
    hahaha :lol: seen it guyz? i was talking about that previous msg they just can say " idiot etc" for defend themselves. we'll can see his friend's msgs with like these sentences soon for defending

    look lil kiddo,
    1st its not "wayne" its "wynne"
    2nd of course he's got RE first cuz he's inclan before me and he didint steal RE like ur stolen ske belt etc. when he's left theclan he's given re to back. so that means "he's not thief like some of u" :unsure: [btw i've got nice items with clan cuz people can get items with clan if they're not idiot :unsure:]
    3rd and yeah i'm stupid cuz i'm talking even with u noob.
    and dont forget i mean ur mind is kiddo, age isnt important so much. i've seen many people under age like u but they're clever and kind not like u ^_^[/b][/quote]

    i happy u got some item, and i happy u are clever then us, but seems that u got atanation to shity mistake and dont talk on the main idea of this topic cuz u know we right, but its ok u are not a problom for us cuz u just noobi sin who think he in good clan and all day just die and cz and when u see Grizzl1yDov u just run away and curesed him like little boy, but its ok we forgoive u cuz u are a M-A-N, not a child like us....

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    Originally posted by 50sec
    that is a scamm , and all Dark-Force clan are scammers/dupers
    i was in that clan the leader zarx scamm me and alot ppl he make hes self perfect *
    on our work they stodents of Zarx the point we told them to give us to earring we give them money
    that earring worth like 50GB or they give us seems they dont have the money and they dont give us the SSEso they scammers we trust them cuz they was the nicly ppl in that clan maybe can be nice ppl in that clan...
    (DF clan of scammers/dupers)
    BABA all pll from Dark Force is dupers LOL?
    I played on this clan and no ppl from this clan have 8+ only one assasin have dual md 8+
    No one have 8+ more....
    Btw maybe thye scamer but dupers 99.9% no!

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