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This is a discussion on WarriorBuild / TheTitans / [email protected] within the Trading disputes & reports forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Originally Posted by Appetite its hard to belive what any1 says on the internet nowadays unless theres alot of proof ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Appetite View Post
    its hard to belive what any1 says on the internet nowadays unless theres alot of proof that the person is a scammer or not..

    ive known ppl to be banned bcuz "they scammed" when it wasnt them and there was no proof that the person did the scamm.. let alone any real proof

    it sux how ppl can say "this guy scammed me " and every1 jumps on the band wagon saying yep he/she is a scammer when its probably all bullshit
    Well in this case he did for sure because his own brother logged vent and when it was brought up he said yea he stole my moms credit card...and people gave him an opportunity to pay them back but like winx said he stopped logging vent/skype...etc.

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    he was in vent lately and his mother started talking with us, she was crying and explained how sorry she is for her son.. he's 13 years old
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    i dont really care if it takes him this whole life time all i know il get it back one day so bah up to him

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    half year later.........
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