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Cool movie ^^

This is a discussion on Cool movie ^^ within the Media forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Baxxxor, the movie is in swedish i doubt no-one exept the swedish ppl here would see it / understand it, ...
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    Baxxxor, the movie is in swedish i doubt no-one exept the swedish ppl here would see it / understand it, so why not post it in "All swedish gays come here thread" ?

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    Default Re: Cool movie ^^

    Originally posted by Baxxor

    that movie ownz(sry but no in english..FOR ALL YA SWEDISH PPL OUT THERE!!! *B)
    ýnglish plýs oké ?

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    Translation for Baxxor: :P

    Gandalf: Come Frodo i wanna talk with you.
    You think you are so fucking smart huh?
    You bealive you can get us to anywhere you want...
    Merry: Gandalf, Frodo!
    Look at that flat and high wall...
    Gimli: It's Morias path, you idiot.
    Gandalf: Here we are.
    Look, heres the door.
    Morias door.
    what the fuck? It's made of stones...
    I tought it would be made of plastic.
    Frodo: Gandalf, look!
    It glows.
    Gandalf: Let's see what it says.
    You must be fucking stupid if you think you can get in here.
    Merry: Sounds like a riddle.
    Gandalf: I've seen this on tv. Just push here and there..
    and than you sing something.
    For fuck sake god damnit!
    Aragorn: You suck to much to throw stones.
    Frodo: Wait a minute... I understand...
    Gandalf: Bullshit. Like you would understand that. You are fucking stupid.
    Damn it's dark down here.
    Damn it's ugly down here.
    Damn it's big down here.
    Hello? Anybody home?
    Merry: No! Fuck!
    Gandalf: Yes! Finally up...
    Lets see.
    Let's stay here and smoke.
    Aragorn: Sucks.
    Gollum: Wait!
    Hello, can you hear me?
    Stupid fucking monkeys, wait!
    Frodo: We must get out of here fast as hell!
    Gandalf: What?
    It wasnt my fault!
    I didn't want to do it.
    i was small i didnt understand.
    I didn't know what was good...
    I'm lucky i got you.
    Your nice to me.
    Lets get going.
    Here was even darker..
    I got the lamp.
    you got nothing.

    it sucks but im very very bored

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    it was funny half of it souned like he was saying gobble gobble gobble

    theres only like 5 sweds here so why not just post it under the swed thread in the garbage section :lol:

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