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Parabola (BeatitPunk) @ Cypher CZ

This is a discussion on Parabola (BeatitPunk) @ Cypher CZ within the Media forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Originally posted by PayForMySinS Parabola, you play in Cypher and zero plays in ares that speaks for itself. * Also ...
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    Originally posted by PayForMySinS
    Parabola, you play in Cypher and zero plays in ares that speaks for itself. *
    Also blaming someone else for you CTRL+Minor was quite low because you have no proof he has a multi click mouse yet you still CTRL+Minor.

    Again your on Cypher where you probably have 5+ uniques (same with that whole server) and using CTRL+Minor with those uniques makes you quite nearly impossible to kill in 1v1, theres no skill required for that. *Also i wanna see this vid so upload it at filefront because for some weird reason it don't let me download stuff from Rapidshare. *-_-
    The thing is I started Ares before 0000000 did, and I was playing in myKO before just like he used to .And I played in Ares for long long time until I got scammed and hacked so many times. And I had respect on zero's playing skills until I got to know how he made his items, how he faked healing himself and also his racist and obsessional personality.
    And about Cypher. I had 1684 attack power at level 70. Perhaps I had the noobest items there but I just didnt fit there 'cos I mostly didnt like the players that I competed with. Since you havent watched my video, you are free to think that I had strange items like IN+3 or else, but I had +7 shells, 2 parts +8 including helmet and uniques +0. I may upload it on filefront sometime but I just checked rapidshare and it works.
    I used to watch Bobert owning in ares and I was his fan, but later I realised that I was starting to play better then him. That's the point where I started to make around 25k np in a day an etc. So was NYchris, he was also a fan of Bobert's combo. And Nychris played with archer for so long but he got used to playing with sin and so he went crazy and he was able to take Bobert down.
    Anyways I retired from KO like a month ago and I havent started missing it. It's just that some people think as if KO is life itself, but it aint. It's just a game that we'll all forget someday. And my best KO memories were my noobie below lvl 60 memories. Trying to drop kukry from lamias :wub: I had the most fun those times

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    Aww..I sux. Good video.

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