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The Videos Version 3.0

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    Default The Videos Version 3.0

    NEW LIST :

    Of Dust And Nations, * - Newest installment of the F9DeviL videos, PK from 2 different level 70 warriors on opposite nations.
    Fun Times in Hatred, * - 1st Place in first ever KnightOnlineRanking Video Contest, overall funny movie and good PK. A must see.
    Infamous Hits Volume 2.0, * - 2nd Place in first ever KnightOnlineRanking Video Contest, good PK and 1v1s. A must see.
    AHM 4 Life , * - 3rd Place in first ever KnightOnlineRanking Video Contest, good PK. A must see.
    0000000's Movie Trailer - Legendary Assassin 0000000's PK Movie trailer, Intense Action. A must see.
    Warrior Within - Newest video by Archus/Khaine of Olympia, Great editing and awesome PK action.
    The Untouchables - Duo PK movie with Priestess_Pam and F9DeviL combined with some 1v1 action.
    Mushroom Soldiers - Duo action yet again, more party pk and 1v1s.
    Krakatoa's KO Experience , * - A good variety of interesting screenshots from Ares lvl 70 warrior Krakatoa, an interesting watch.
    Clash Of The Titans, * - 1v1 Compilation combined with warrior/priest/assassin PK video.
    OuroboroS Pk Video - Another of Megalomaniac's famous videos.
    Greatest Hits of Hatred, * - Compilation of all previous PK videos by F9DeviL, the Greatest Hits.
    Into The Fire, * - Assassin/Warrior PK video by F9DeviL.
    Matsuki PK Video, * - PK Video of a level 62 warrior, entry in previous Video Contest.
    OldieS on Tour 2006 - OldieS PK, funny movie.
    H4mmeR PK Video - H4mmeR PK video, good action and gained high votes in Video Contest.
    ZyX DLW, * - DLW Pk Video, interesting find.
    El Meneje - Good PK Video, entry in Video Contest.
    Acid Pots - Acid Pot fun, created by the AHM clan.
    Indiaan Pk Movie - Entry in video contest, 3rd version of his videos.
    Flippy's Pk Movie - Entry in video contest, Pking in the nude.
    Olympia PK, * - Olympia PK video created by SinFiery, video contest entry.
    Balls to the Wall, * - PK Movie by TempesT, quite popular.
    Phantom vs HolyDreams, * - 1v1 against 2 high level assassins on Diez, one with good gear and one with mediocre.
    All We Are - Diez clan video.
    CeeK Video - A video by CeeK of Ares.
    Knight Quest - F9DeviL helping a fellow El Morad clan in a Knight Quest, made by CeeK.
    CliCtoRiX PK Video - Level 64 Warrior PKing.
    Affenoto V 1.0 - PK Video created by Affenoto of Ares.
    Lanna_Cleric, * - First movie by Lanna of Xigenon.
    ImBack - Newest video by camaz0ts, old Pk clips recreated.
    Revelation Clan PK - Clan video by Revelation of Xigenon.
    MaGix Version 2.0 PK Video - Newest version of MaGix's BP videos, quite well done.
    Last Day - _POP_'s last day in CZ.
    AntidotE vs Eminent - 3v3 between these Olympia clans.
    DontRunPls - First PK video by DontRunPls
    CaT_WoMaN - A day in the life of CaT_WoMaN of Beramus.
    Another One Bites The Dust - Last video by :FiReM of Diez.
    AthamE PK, * - Duo sin raiding full DM parties.
    Just4Fun - PK Video by Ex-Blood including Devile.
    Jokers Clan Video 2.0 - Created by Crollax of Ares.

    OLD LIST :

    Ares PvP, * - Incredible group pk/solo pk show's what the Hatred clan is all about.
    Real PvP - 1v1, Town Novas, Group PvP by the Hatred clan.
    Siege War/PK, * - Siege War, group PvP and solo by the Hatred clan.
    Hatred Owned - When everything that can possibly go wrong becomes reality.
    Ares Solo/Bosses - A movie for testing the waters of windows movie maker and gamecam.
    8 Ball PK - PK Video of 8 Ball Clan
    Bloods Greatest Hits - One of the best KOL moviez, the members of Blood clan show their power and the best moments of this game....
    Blood 1st Forgotten Temple - Oh, u will ROFL :-) Video from Forgotten Temple event, Blood clan - nice try No chance to survive
    this hell. As some1 said : We need cheaters... :-) (Lee Roy rulez)
    AHM DarkMares - Magicians sliding and bladeing DMs with no death... Dont try this at home guys Good music btw!
    Symbolic Owning, 2,3,4 - The stories about Symbolic clan... Good movie, good pwnage, good music...
    Cheater Clan, * - Raif's video about Caesar and Sultans
    Kill the GM, * - Perfect movie with excelent music from the "Kill the GM" event - all against the GM char :-)
    Human Pwning - Not only orcs have good pwnage videos !!
    Do You like to Move It?, * - I like to move it, u like to move it... Every1 like to move it :-) Are u bored in KOL today ? JUST MOVE IT!!! Funny movie, music by Shaggy... Have to take this video easy, man :-)
    Castle Siege War - The one and only movie catchs castle siege war, good action, good music, nice moments.
    Training Day - Movie inspired by Rocky. Funny one shows the training of one warrior :-)
    Troll Race - Trolls running around the Evil cube in moradon...Funny one.
    Bulcans Dance - Movie inspired by Michael Jackons moowalk :-) Now, bulcans can dance and make moonwalk too! Sorry Michael!
    Mage Tank - Heh, when is magician good and has good priest, he can tank humans.. Few warriors and sins cant kill one magican (healed by priest) Nice one.
    Laughs ,2 - Another couple of funny movies...
    Death to Talos - Talos (120 000 hp) killed in 28 seconds... Nice work Ant Hill Mob.
    Ant Hill Fun - What do Eternity fear more - Giants or Midgits?
    Gingin - Gingin
    Seraph , * - Nudie Pk from Seraph clan :lol:
    2v2 - Nice 2 vs 2 fight in CZ!
    Dueling - Duel powa :-)
    How to Kill ,2 - !GOOD! video, how to kill humans. Good work magicians!
    AHM Pwning - Good video, good action perfrormed by Ant Hill Moob clan. Great pwnage.
    Minor Heal - Magicians vs. Rogue, rogue only uses minor healing and magician cant kill him...
    Tiocfaidh Ar Lá - Another video from legendary Tiocfaidh Ar Lá clan. Excelent skill to kill oomans :-) I have always good feelings after videos like this (i am orc)
    Walking the Dogs ,PK Fun - Next camaz0tzs videos, starring Symbolic and Ant Hill Mob
    HypE's Hammertime - Heh, raptor is for nothing, this is GOOD GUN! :-)
    Dupe Wipe - Teaching K2 how to do a proper Dupe Wipe
    Cheats 2 ,3 ,4 ,5 ,6 - Cheaters, glitchers
    Spice Orcs - God sometimes I'm ashamed by my own clan :lol:
    2v1 - Maliced warrior vs 2 Assassins
    Send in the Clowns - Video by camaz0tz
    Morning in CZ * - Great duo video of Murtaza and forazzi.
    The Trio, * - Another great video by Murtaza 3 orcs vs 10000 humans
    Kitties Clan - Kitties Clan PK video from Ares

    List made by oks(F9Devil), I just took the effort to get rid of coding that didnt work on these for list to him credit for me to transfering it here and fixing it so it works here

    The Videos Version 4.0 <Add On List>:

    Swedish Legion - Swedish Legion Movie
    Khaine Movie - 1st Khaine Movie
    Chusco's Movie
    Freestyler and Makler Duo PK Movie

    *edited by magix for movie addition*

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    good job cama, I know how long that kind of thing takes

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    exellent list of ko vids there!

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    Add my Swedish Legion vidoe please and maybe some of SL's old other movies I wanna eb nostalgic now and then

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    there is mistake in link to 6th movie "Warrior Within"

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    need to add more vids :lol: and make it 4.0. seen pretty much all of em!

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    The link to my warrior within movie is wrong..

    this is the right one:;/fileinfo.html

    And to my first 'khaine' movie:;/fileinfo.html

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    added the SL movie.

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    added and updated Archus's Post

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    xD to explain why i named my video that. Its in honor of chuck norris he created the frase Balls to the wall

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    Khaine Movie - 1st Khaine Movie
    Don't work :mellow:

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    WCC movie of rushing orc base and killing npc's

    towers hit for 3k dmg;/fileinfo.html

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    Balls to the Wall, * - PK Movie by TempesT, quite popular.

    the * link doesnt work.

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    Gay Cama u didn't pick me video Oh well I make sure u are included to next <_<

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