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This is a discussion on MYKOvsUSKO within the Feedback forums, part of the General category; You know on ko4life forums {basically usko forums} i always see ppl flaming MYKO about how they suck and such ...
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    You know on ko4life forums {basically usko forums} i always see ppl flaming MYKO about how they suck and such and such,but in the same way on MYKO forums and even in game they flame USKO.Saying they dupe they suck ass they cant minor combo,and that their all turks.

    So whats your honest opinion which do u think has more skill MYKO or USKO

    Now i know some usko players have actually played MYKO so i also want their insight. I'll be throwing a link in MYKO forums so they can also join in.

    Main question:
    Which has more skill MYKO or USKO
    by skill i mean players and such not which has better gameplay.Im basically asking if u took myko best players and pitted them against usko best players who would win.Don't take numbers into acc plz,and try and name some legendary players to come out of both versions.

    Now go ahead argue flame .

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    myko is flamed bcuz of its lags and bugs but i think myko players out play usko players by far. most of uskos "legendery" players where once myko players that switched. myko is a lot more team based fighting they learn to work 2gether unlike usko that every one just runs around killing ppl. just my opinion dont flame me plz :blink:

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    As a MYKO player from the pk videos I have seen of USKO players there are very few ppl that can actually combo or combo well. They usually get lucky in getting their skills to chain. In MYKO every player in a top 50 clan basically knows how to combo even some noobs. And our rogues are amazing at combo/minor healing at same time. Some legendary players from MYKO are Saxo, original Greddyz, Original Rlocksley, Ice_Frost, Drazul, Blueyyy, Thiefluilui, Lazyhien, original Holymoon, and others that I cant remember from when i first started.

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    well usko got laggy servers too and bugs and turk hackers -.- u cant rly say that myko players are better than usko players -.- thats just stupid.


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