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Questions & Tips meets Knowledge Base

This is a discussion on Questions & Tips meets Knowledge Base within the Feedback forums, part of the General category; So, my problem, or question rather, is quite simple, I think. But I'm sure I'll find a way to complicate ...
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    So, my problem, or question rather, is quite simple, I think.
    But I'm sure I'll find a way to complicate it h34r:

    The Problem.
    Basically, as a person who regularly attends the Game Questions & Tips part of this forum, I was wondering why we have the Knowledge base.
    If you look at these two parts of the forum, you'll notice a lot of the topics are structured very much the same.
    In the Knowledge Base, people are asking QUESTIONS, left and right.
    I believe there's confusion between Q&T and Knowledge Base, people are asking questions in both of them.

    The Solution.
    The best solution I could come up with is that the Knowledge Base becomes accessible by Moderators and Admins only.
    Or make it so that Mods and Admins are the only ones able to START topics, but the public can comment.
    This allows the public to update a guide, confirm whatever was posted, etc.
    The section would become a collaboration of all of the great guides and, ultimately, knowledge that is available in KO.
    It wouldn't be a bunch of people asking "Is +7 to +1 rebirth 100%?"
    That belongs in the Questions & Tips, not the Knowledge Base.
    An overall more formal and organized Knowledge Base is what I'm looking for.

    I think this is the best I can explain it all. (sadly xD)
    Hopefully you all understand what I'm trying to say.

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    Its true, but it isnt really a big enough problem to make a big thing out of it.

    Q&T is where people should be asking questions
    Knowledge Base is where people should be look for answers.

    Thats the simplest way of putting it.

    I think it would take a huge amount of time to make a formal knowledge base, and then people will simply ask questions over and over again that are in knowledge base, so the person who takes the time 2 make it would feel let down when people keep reposting the same questions too which answers have been given.

    People already post same topics, when they have already been posted. Theres no reason they wont carry on even if there is a formal knowledge base.

    Im sure some people would, but personally i think its too much effort for the person who has 2 do it.

    A better sollution would be to simply delete knowledge base cos its just the same forum as Q&T atm with a different name.

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    its not completely the same... just the topic title says it all

    question and tips is subjectif its what the people think and they share their toughts wich arent always correct.

    knowledge base should be facts only and not like "whats the chance i get this item to +8 .."
    but things like how many exp is needed from lvl XX to lvl XX to give a very simple example.

    but at ko4life the sections arent used in the correct way.

    The problem is not that the two sections are the same but the problem is that the ko4life community is using the sections in the same way.

    hope i made myself clear but i doubt :P.


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