Addiction [orc] is looking for a couple people for ARES, We are a grade 1 clan looking for a couple more to help us with the accredited knight quest, and we need 60+English OF:
We also have a website,forums and a TEAMSPEAK server that we all go to, We are allied with the JR clan and TheBIOHAZARD, If you are interested in the clan please reply, but if you are lower then the req you will be put in the JR clan which we will help lvl people till they get high enough for the main clan. Here is what you need to fill out,

Do you have Teamspeak Yes/No
English? Yes/No
Do you have a mic Yes/No
Can you use forums/Website daily? Yes/No
Do you have premium? Yes/No
How often you play KO?
What gear are you using: (Be specific)

If you have anymore questions just wave a pm around or you may see me wondering around ARES. Thanks alot. :P