BunnehRanch are a pretty well-known Ardream clan (I think :P) on the Beramus server.
We're currently lacking in certain classes, so have decided to broaden our recruitment a bit.
We'll recruit anything, but we're looking especially for warriors, mages and intelligence priests. No buffers, please. If you're a buffer, and you're able to acquire scrolls for pk, we'd ask that you reskill to something more useful to us.

A good enough grasp of English is necessary to communicate effectively.

We do pk and pk only, so you're expected to earn back your own exp from tower rape, or if you're wanting to get to level 59.
On that note, because we do only pk, we're looking for those who have some experience of pking (both solo and in a party), are moderately equipped, and are able to supply their own scrolls.

Having access to ventrilo isn't vital but it would help a great deal. If you have a mic, just use your ears and listen in

There's no np or donation limit.

Also, since we're only on for pk, that could result in periods where there'll be very few people online in game, but we're pretty much always available via Xfire or MSN, so being accessible on either of those two IM services would help, as it'd be easier to keep in touch so you know when pk is on, instead of taking a wild guess and logging on at the end of a 2 hour run or w.e :P.

We're currently the only English speaking Ardream clan on Beramus with a completed isiloon quest (that I know of, anyway) and at one point were the highest ranking clan in Ardream until a bug with the rankings screwed our isiloon and we lost all the donated nps and the isiloon quest itself, so we're slowly building our clan rank back to what it was before.

The rules of conduct are what you'd expect from most clans (On the topic of "ksing", it's your own choice what you do. Ardream is just a KS fest all the time, but a lot of us try to respect 1v1 situations if we can possible help it.... unless we're pissed off, of course :P)

If you're interested, post in this thread, contact me on MSN (darkknight101AThotmailDOTcom), via PMs, Xfire (darkknight100), or in-game (SiegeBunny)
Or you can get in touch with the assistants:
ArtiazZ (Played by 3 people: DiazZ/LopezZ, Art0is, YourChucky. All 3 of these people play on Night_Coke, too)
MrNewb (MrNoob/Rhys)
Upowiec (CHlPO/ChipoO/Chipo)

They'll post their contact details, if they're willing to, in this thread

You can also pm a clan member in game if all else fails; as I said, we're usually able to contact eachother easily, so a clannie would be able to tell you whether somebody is available or not.

I should've summarised it, but w.e :P
If you got this far, then I know your English is adequate enough xD

Look forward to hearing from those of you who had the endurance to read that.