As you all have heard a new server will be released very soon. So I am recruiting English-speaking players to join my clan. The first few weeks we will be leveling as fast as possible. Rather that just looking for “pro” players, I am looking for some good friends to play with. Everyone is welcome to join. Even if you are a “noob”. After all we all had to learn sometime. If you don’t know how to combo, I will teach and help you.

To become a great clan we must help each other out. Recently I have been reading a lot of the new server recruiting post. I feel that some are a little too serious. I believe we all play this game for fun and I don’t want to feel pressured. I personally find the game relaxing. I think this is a good idea and we’ll see where it takes us.
Now lets take the CSW

If you are interested in joining pm or msn me.
I cant deside which nation. Help me chose

Btw here are my ideas for clan names please feel to tell me what u like or suggest your own.

i'll add more B)