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Clan UndertakerZ from EDANA *(El morad) Grade 2; is currently looking for players to join our ko community, players that meet these requirements:
Leader: xEbeCc (Nir)


1. Level 62+, Dont have to explain this. :P
2. Have to understand/speak understandable english, To communicate with clan duh! *
3. Must be active!! We need clan members that are active and always there when needed.
4. Must have Ventrilo or willing to get Ventrilo. Our clan makes this a requirement because we use teamwork very much during pk. *
5. Has experience with Pking and must be able to communicate and listen well during PK, I'm sure i dont have to explain this.
6. Does not support third party programs like koxp. When under our name, You represent us, We don't need our rep being brought down like this.
7. Does not support/participate in any TOS violating acitivities. Exception! Selling characters for usd ect is okay. :P
8. Be cool!! Our members are always looking for new people around the world to play with. So if you're fun to play with and knows how to play around its a big ++!
9. Be mature and know when enough is enough! Since we like to mess around I know there will be times to be serious. Know when these times are!
10. Np is NOT a problem, BUT! We do require the person have ATLEAST, a minimum of 10k So we atleast know you can pk :P
11. Need players from all around the globe and different timezones to make sure clan is balanced in that aspect!!


Classes that are currently in need

Warriors *

How to sign up

1. Please send in an application in the format given below and Pm me here or on my MSN]
3. Location
4. Class
5. Past servers played in and what class/level you were/total Np *
6. If you have MSN, or AIM(An easier way to talk to with you)
7. If you have ventrilo and a mic
8. What time zone do you live in

Applications can be sent in now but won't start getting answered until tomorrow.(Clan has not been made yet, Just getting together some potential members.)

If you're wondering, The current clanlist right now is:
EverLong - rouge
DontLikeAFreak - rouge
xEbeCc(Nir) - rogue
p1nky(from diez) aka iCutYourHeadOFF - warrior

Yep just us five, Currently Grade 2, three rogues, one warrior, so again, Need all classes!!

Sorry, misunderstanding, ScreamMyNames isn't on the roster. SORRY!! :P

Need players from USA, And around Europe and also Israel. It's a ++, Pm me or Nir

BTW, don't be shy, please feel free to pm me or Nir, We don't care if you're pro or not, just be cool. we'll take everyone into consideration!!

Please don\'t post if you are flaming or criticizing someone, Thanks