Hi guys,

Me and some friends of my recently started playing KO again, on the server Manes

We made a clan which is Grade III right now and we have our own capes and own symbol (which ofc look very nice :lol: )
Now, we already have some members which are on frequently and speak normal english which we want since we can't communicate with turks (Unless you are a turk that speaks good english).

Now, we are looking for more members for our Grade III clan
The requirements are:

- You must be Human
- You must speak english (don't need to speak it perfectly, we're from holland to, so :P )
- You must be lvl 57-59 (we are Dcz clan)
- You must have decent gear ( else u suck at PK)

We are fastly gaining NP and with more member we can eventually reach Grade I
Our Clanmembers so far are very polite and the mood in clanchat is always good

Any more questions can be asked here, or you can PM me on IGN: Ironaide (Assist) mostly on M1 or M3

So, do you have what it takes to become one of us?

Then join, the legendary m00w! :lol: