Hey guys,finally managed to get on Ronark 1. As you see,I [thiZZ] started up a EXP + Boss clan DeathRow.We already have people joining and we will be about grade 1 at the looks of it.

-Level 60+
-MUST Play 10+ Hours A Day
-MUST EXP With Clan + Boss With Clan
-MUST know how to exp xD

thiZZ [Clan Leader]
Bizzy [Assist]

If your looking going into wars,daily pks,csw please do not pm me or anything about it.This is mainly exp clan but will do boss.We will start up Paramun + Dark Knights tomorrow once we get the people in the clan.You must be able to exp for a long amount of time.Please,we do not want people going afk every other minute.It doesnt matter how much NP you have,again this is a exp based clan with boss killing.Anyways if you interested or need more info pm or add me to msn [[email protected]]

Lol sorry for the shortness + low detail of this post,its real late and im dying of tiredness.Good night all and hope to start some hardcore exp!