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English speaking clans on ARES (Karus or Human)

This is a discussion on English speaking clans on ARES (Karus or Human) within the Recruitment and In-game requests forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; f9 here is a thought why dont u make ur own like 60+ clan and add english ppl on what ...
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    f9 here is a thought why dont u make ur own like 60+ clan and add english ppl on what ever nation u want (human) >_<[/b]
    you must not know alot of f9, 1 hes high lvl 78 or 77 and hes got alot of NP, and hes very active, so why would he make a clan lvl 60+ ?
    Well we made an extansion for our clan so we got 2 main clans now, Symbiosis and Angelic. R2D has the same and we are allied anyway. Choice is up to you pal and welcome back [/b]
    i hate angelic, in ew party a priest called mortality ninja looted while he was PL and said oops sorry i was in "seeking party" and clicked "quit" and it accidently disbanded party but funny thing is, we didnt need mage and he was looting
    and he whines like a little baby also

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    There are actually quite a few good english speaking clans that I&#39;ve experienced on the orc side, I can&#39;t really vouch for anyone on the human side except for deusmanus. Ready2Die has been disbanded by kloud, but they&#39;ve remade under Warmen, back from when PC was orc and didn&#39;t have all that turkish shit spamming everywhere and they didn&#39;t have bug abusers and dupers in their clan, the way they had rules and expectations reminded me a lot of ready2die, and a couple people who didn&#39;t want to NT joined up with them after PC nation transfered, so that might be a little more familiar to what your used to. And of course there is BC, I&#39;ve talked to quite a few people from this clan, and they are a very good group of people that work together, and are a very well oiled machinen when it comes to clans. If I had the name, levels, and popularity you did, I&#39;d choose one of those clans, but I&#39;d also say making your own clan would be good to see, from your days as king, I&#39;ve seen you had a decent leadership role, alex was good at this too in wars and bifrost and cz. Hope that helps baba

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    long time no see matt! always figured why u quit playing O.o anyways welcome back and good luck applying ^.^

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    im glad u took F9 out of PC... the clan is in too chaotic of a state atm since vane stopped playing... I havent been on for over a month and before i left for vacation i was trying to buy prem for F9 but was bugged and couldnt...

    I took F9 out of the PC clan page on KODB and its in the clan u made now... and if u want the info for the kodb account ill pm it to ya or u can just ask alex cuz im sure he has it

    I can buy gold prem for ya and keep helping lvl to 80 but if u dont want (im guessing u dont) ill be quitting game so good luck and thanks

    Also dont blame this on me cuz it sure aint my fault when im gone for a month and a clan goes to shit... if i were here i woulda taken F9 out of clan myself

    btw id suggest joining Symbiosis or Warmen&#39;s new clan with all the R2D ppl...

    also just emailed Raine to tell her to take MoonDance out of PC as well... also asked Pazzie if he could log it to disband from clan

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    Yay, down the tube with PC if all those guys quit :lol:

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    Hey if you wish you would be more then well come to join Obituary,,the clan was Raven. I am the leader IckerasTheGod all the ppl in my clan are english speaking & really good guys ,,if you remimber Herb he is in clan & just ask Cyrus/aka 0000000 im a good guy. We are more of a guild then a clan ,,its most just good friends & family that enjoy the game. But what ever you pick to do welcome back mate..[/b]
    So u r a good guy cuz u bought cyrus&#39;s account?

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