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    Default EterNalDamNaTioN - Edana - Karus

    If you are lvl 40+, play no less than 4 days a week, like to pk, and know how to play the game at least somewhat you are welcome to come join EterNalDamNaTioN. Also you must speak and understand english.

    If you are offline for more than 4 days in a row without letting me know what is happening you will be removed from the clan.

    If you are a dick to clan mates, you will be kicked.

    Looking to form organised 8 man pk groups, and clan only exp groups every day. Boss drops will go to the people who show up for boss hunts, and people who like to help out clan mates. We won't be selling boss drops in moradon when someone in the clan needs it, and we wont be giving shards to warriors and scorpion shields to rogues.

    If you are a greedy bastard that likes to whore boss drops for personal gains then by all means you can find another clan. This clan is meant to be a team that works together to make everyone good at what they do.

    If you hav any questions or are interested in joining the forces of EterNalDamNaTioN you can post here or pm me in game on SaltyTaco.

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    Nevermind, clan is bugged and full of people who don't speak english that I didn't even invite to clan...

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    im lvl 38 right now...i have a lvl 61sin on ares so i know how 2 play the game...if bug gets fixed and i can join let me game name is usuc


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