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euphoria clan recruitment [DIES ELMORAD]

This is a discussion on euphoria clan recruitment [DIES ELMORAD] within the Recruitment and In-game requests forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; euphoria is now recruiting! We are a grade 1 caped clan looking for friendly , fun-loving , honest and english-speaking ...
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    euphoria is now recruiting!

    We are a grade 1 caped clan looking for friendly, fun-loving, honest and english-speaking players. English does not have to be your first or main language but you must be able to know it well enough to converse with the other members of our clan.

    Preferably we are looking for 70+ characters, though we will make exceptions for priests (66+). It is *highly* recommended you use a voice chat program such as to communicate with the other clanmembers - incredibly useful especially in PK.

    NP count is not a priority for us. What we are looking for are players that are interested in bringing in their experiences to our clan as we expand and grow together. Our clan is currently a tight-knit efficient group that xps, farms and boss hunts together. We hope your addition will only further our clan's success!

    We are primarily a melee clan with only a few mages, but hopefully if we get enough people we can actually start things like mage parties. At this point in time we mostly have more warriors and rogues.

    If your level is below our requirements you may still apply for a place in the secondary alliance clan, euphoric. It's not very active with mostly extraneous lower levels characters, but hopefully it will become a good secondary/DLW clan. What is most important is what you can contribute to our clan and that you speak and understand English.

    If you'd like to apply, please either pm in-game:
    Darth_Vigilant (leader)
    Catholicon (assist)
    Threefold (assist)
    Jaffas (assist)


    Leave a post here containing:

    In game name:
    Country/where you play from:

    Thank you!

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    after talking with catholicon yesterday bumping this old topic :P


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