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EuropesElites looking for players (Logos'Human/orc) up4

This is a discussion on EuropesElites looking for players (Logos'Human/orc) up4 within the Recruitment and In-game requests forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; as you can see i was reading reapers forums, they have people signing up saying selling kekuri pendant, lol well ...
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    Default EuropesElites looking for players (Logos'Human/orc) up4

    as you can see i was reading reapers forums, they have people signing up saying selling kekuri pendant, lol well ok still going ahead with clan they are not even a clan yet and on there forum i see them arguing about drops :/

    all drops for this clan will go to clan bank and if a player needs them they will get given/awarded it... if we have a spare drop we will keep it for 1 week after this if no one needs it will be sold to get other items for other players
    if you get a drop on your own not in clan party then it is yours what ever you decide to do with it is up to you :P

    sorry alot of writing i know, we only want a small clan as big clans tend to get a few lvl's then quit becuase there are tomany warriors,priests,mages,rogeus ect and not enough items

    well here i go again a clan for new server :P this time i hope it works

    looking for players that he been playing a while or have alot of experience in the game :P
    active if a must for anyone to join the clan
    and there will be no 10 year olds in the clan no matter how good you are lol
    as i said we will be human or orc ( as no one has replied yet when the clan is together we will all decide a race ) :P
    i have had myself 4 years experience in the game
    must have a mic, sorry dont have a ventrilo server but i do got a Teamspeak Server
    we are looking for mainly english speaking players from Europe, but also looking for players from other places example: US becuase they are the ones that make the clan work and fun

    so if your interested pm me some info:

    how long you play:
    ect ect :P just feel free to give me any information i might need, thanks

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    come on people had 1 reply so far but he sounds cool atm its (orcs=1) (humans=0)

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    wanna join us? CantStopUs clan.. u know there are just a few people on this server (Logos).. so why making clans whit like 9 members each if we can have 1 full whit 36 members


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