High all.... i know this will be the gayest request of them all... but I have never experienced playing a lvl 80 warrior ... basically what im asking is if any lvl 80 warrior in ares has all items sealed and would be kind enough to let me pk 30 mins (1 of each scroll ill use my own) for 1 - 2 gbs that would be awesome....Im not a very bad warrior since i have my own :P.... i know prolly no1 will do this but ya know worth a shot.. like i said ill pay 1 - 2 gbs of cash just to play for 30 mins with my own scrolls and try out pk..... You may ask (O why does he only want ares??? Scammer??) like i said all items must be sealed u can take every gb u have off the account and plus i only have cash in ares well i doubt i find any1 to let me do this but...... if you do want free gbs for only 30 mins of play just to see what its like ide appreciate it..... thnx... if you interested pm me here for my msn and ect my trustability topic http://www.ko4life.com/forums/index....owtopic=185552 ok thnx all hope to be talking to you soon